Dan: Frank very recently said that no one outside the country of Iraq has the authority to raise the value of IQD, or to RI the iraqi dinar.

Frank also mentioned another option.

The US put Iraq’s currency on it’s current program sanctioned rate.
This implies that The US can take them off this rate by stepping in and taking over.

It will be interesting to see if it gets to this place of the US stepping in and taking over.

I know this would be a last ditch effort if the US resorts to the position over a take over.

The US would not look to good on the world stage if they took over Iraq.
Likelihood of US resorting to this is very slim.

Someone feed the fat lady she is nothing but skin and bones…..her vocal chords have shriveled up

Dan:  Now that President Trump has declared a National Emergency he does not have to answer to anyone re: spending $$$ He is able to demand companies come back to the US. President Trump just put Pete Navarro Under  Defence Production act

Under the defense production act they are able to demand companies produce what they want.

The money that Trump is giving out is to help citizens as we transition from federal reserve cbi system
to a national fed system under The US and stripping it from the global elite.

Refer to x22 report March 29,2020. Transfer of wealth

Thanks President Trump.

I question timing of RI of IQD re: implementation of new financial system being up and running
Wait fo the dust to settle.

Dan:  Trump has had a picture of Andrew Jackson on his wll in the oval office as soon as he took office.
Andrew Jackson served as the President for the US 1829-1837. Andrew Jackson got rid of the central bank system.

President Trump keeps this picture hanging on the wall as a reminder of the main mission. Get rid of CBI system

ChrisC:  If you visit Jackson’s plantation, The Hermitage, you can see his tombstone.  You might think it would say “great soldier”, or “great president” or “loving husband”, or something of the like but no, it says “I Killed the Banks”.  That was apparently the thing he was most proud of.  They tried to assassinate him twice, but back then the pin fire cartridge was not very reliable and both times the pistols misfired.  It is amazing to see the wallpaper in the house, it is a bright yellow print and is as bright today as the day it was hung.

Dan:  who is Judy Shelton? Not going to tell you

Boxman:  Judy Shelton is an American economic advisor to President Donald Trump. She is known for her advocacy for a return to the gold standard and for her criticisms of the Federal Reserve.