Samson: Russia recognizes the United States systems to quickly detect the “Corona” virus

4th April, 2020
The head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, Kirill Dmitriyev, has announced that the fund has delivered to the United States Russian-Japanese testing systems for rapid detection of the Corona virus. Moscow – Sputnik. Dmitriyev said in an interview with “CNN”: “I think we have to strengthen cooperation … It is time to show signs of goodwill.”

He continued: “I really think this is a very important gesture, that Russia is facing the Corona virus, and this is a global problem, and we want to support the United States. We have submitted our testing systems, which, in our opinion, are one of the best in the world, which are testing devices. Russian-Japanese mobile, which can test 20 patients an hour.”

Dmitriyev also stressed that it is important to unify the Russian-American efforts to overcome the “Corona” virus. Russia provides medical aid to America Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov announced that the humanitarian assistance provided by Russia to the United States of America comes within the international cooperation to confront the Corona virus. He explained that soon the Russian Foreign Ministry will explain the situation related to aid to the United States.   LINK