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Samson: The stock market starts its week in green

10th May, 2020

The stock index rose, Sunday, by 0.10% in the first session this week

The session witnessed trading of 1.04 billion shares, at a value of 972.2 million dinars

During the session, the shares of 7 companies, which were offered by Asiacell Communications, rose by 8.95%, followed by Al Mansour Pharmaceutical Company, by 6.88%

While the number of losing companies reached 8 companies offered by the shares of Mosul for the cities of the games by 4.76% and the investment bank shares by 4.35%   LINK

Samson:  The arrest of more than 40,000 violators of the curfew in Baghdad

05/9/2020  23:20:14

The Baghdad Operations Command announced the outcome of preparing violators to implement the partial preventive ban inside the capital.

And the leadership said in a statement, {Euphrates News} received a copy of, that “the security forces in the Baghdad Operations Command from March 17 to today 9 May, and during the process of applying the preventive curfew inside the capital, could arrest 40,568 violators.”

“It also seized 2634 wheels and various motorcycles, and the number of fines reached 98,489 fine. It also facilitated the entry of 90,370 wheels carrying foodstuffs to Baghdad.”

The Operations Command concluded its statement by thanking all citizens who abide by the ban procedures.    LINK


Samson:  To / all authorized banks

10th May 2020


To authorized banks all non-bank financial institutions All license F / postponing deduction of fines or due to the current circumstance that passes on our dear country represented by the spread of virus (Corona) and in the framework of the efforts of this bank to support

The banking sector, the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Iraq decided in its session numbered (۱۰۵۹۱) held in ۲۰۲۰/۶/۲۳ completely deduct the fines issued by this bank and imposed on banks and non-bank financial institutions for the period  ۲۰۲۰ until غاية / ۹/۳۰.    LINK


Don961:  Why did Al-Kazemi deliver the decisions of the first session of the Council of Ministers himself and his person?

Policy  ,   05/10/2020 03:18   Baghdad – Iraq today:

It was surprising and unexpected that the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, took the initiative to deliver the first decisions taken by the Council of Ministers in its first session on his own. That revolves around any upcoming decisions that would have been issued by the government.

These courageous decisions, or the first package that heralds an important start, indicate with no doubt that the new government is determined to build an integrated program and an unprecedented renaissance in the history of Iraqi ministries after 2003.

This step was read as an unprecedented step, and also a good gesture in the non-traditional performance of the new Prime Minister.

Therefore, every televised appearance of Al-Kazemi will carry an expectation of an important mass decision, and governmental good news, after the government of the “absentee” government severed all good news and good news from the people.   LINK

Don961:  In the first meeting of the government, the Prime Minister announces with his tongue a set of important national decisions .. and the public receives them with joy and optimism

With video  ,   05/20/2020 01:56


Baghdad – Iraq today:

With his tongue and person, Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced the convening of the first session of the new government cabinet and the adoption of a package of courageous national decisions, including the release of the salaries of retirees and the return of Lieutenant General Abdul-Wahab Al-Saadi to the anti-terrorist agency, the release of detainees from the protesters in the October Uprising, and other important decisions

It is important to mention that these decisions have delighted the masses, and raised the level of hope and optimism they have in achieving what Prime Minister Al-Kazemi promised in his government work program.   LINK


Don961:  A member of Parliamentary Finance expects a Kuwaiti decision close to the interest of Iraq

Saturday 9 May 2020 – 14:51

Member of Parliamentary Finance Committee MP Ahmad Mazhar Al-Jubouri

(Baghdad Today) Baghdad – A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee MP Ahmad Mazhar al-Jubouri expected, on Saturday (May 9, 2020), to postpone the payment of the Gulf War debts that occurred during the 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

Al-Jubouri said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), “There is clear international and regional support for the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and this is very important and will open the doors for the government to solve many problems,” noting that “most countries, including the Arab ones, were quick to offer congratulations.” With the birth of the government. ”

Al-Jubouri added, “Kuwait’s position is positive from the government and may be a contributing factor in helping Iraq. At the very least, it was decided to allow the postponement of the 1990 Gulf War debts in support of Iraq’s efforts to reduce the effects of the current financial crisis.”

The Iraqi parliament had granted, on the dawn of Thursday, May 7, the confidence of the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

The Iraqi parliament gave confidence to the members of the Al-Kazemi government to the ministers (Defense, Juma Anad, Interior Othman Al-Ghanmi, Finance Ali Abdul Amir Allawi, Planning Khaled Najm, Construction and Housing Nazilin Muhammad, Health Hassan Muhammad Abbas, Electricity Majid Mahdi Ali, Education Nabil Kazem Abdel-Sahib, Transportation Nasser Hussein Bandar, youth and sports, Adnan Darjal, industry Manhal Aziz and communications, Arkan Shihab, Adel Hashush, Minister of Labor, Mahdi Rashid Jassem, Minister of Water Resources, and Hamid Mekhlef, Minister of Education.

Five ministries remained that were not voted on by members of the House of Representatives (trade, agriculture, immigration, the displaced, justice and culture), while voting on the candidates for the foreign and oil ministries was postponed   LINK