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Don961: Trump reveals that he has been using a drug for several days

2020.05.18 – 23:41  Baghdad – people

US President Donald Trump has stated that he is taking the anti-malarial drug “hydroxychloroquine” to prevent corona virus, saying he was not infected with it, while he considered that this drug has an effect on infection.

Trump said, in a press statement, followed by “NAS” (May 18, 2020), that he had been taking “hydroxychloroquine” about a week and a half ago, stating: “I asked the doctor, can I do it, which is a response. If you want it, please … I take a pill One every day, no symptoms of Ali’s disease. ”

Trump stated that he was subjected to a coronavirus screening test once every two days, indicating that all results were negative.

The US president considered that there is a high possibility that the drug “hydroxychloroquine” has an effect on the Corona virus, asking: “What will you lose if you take this medicine?”   LINK


Samson:  Russia is shedding US Treasury bonds as standard

19th May, 2020

Russia reduced its investments in US treasury bills last March by 3 times, to $ 3.85 billion, according to US Treasury data. Thus, for the first time, Russia has reduced its investments in US Treasury bonds by this record size.

During January and February of 2020, Russia increased its investment in US debt instruments, after it had reduced it in December 2019.

He commented on this move to reduce Russia, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, Alexis Rodzianko, saying that Russia’s decision to withdraw funds from US treasury bonds may be due To market factors.

It is noteworthy that the returns of US bonds for 10 and 30 years fell at the beginning of last March to record levels, after a surprising decision by the US Federal Reserve (the US central bank) to cut interest rates by 50 basis points, to a range of 1% – 1.25% due to concerns related to the Corona virus. LINK