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Don961: Adviser to the Prime Minister: We have a problem securing the June salaries … Our revenues are very weak

Policy 05/21/2020 21:38 4655
Baghdad today _ Baghdad

The financial advisor to the Prime Minister, Mazhar Muhammad Salih, revealed the existence of a supreme committee specialized in public financial engineering re-engineering in Iraq.

The official news agency quoted him as saying today, Thursday, that “the revenue collection for the month of May came less than 2 trillion dinars, while the actual need is more than five trillion dinars only to secure salaries except for the expenses of the other country,” noting that “non-oil revenues are very few as It is about 100 billion dinars per month. ”

Saleh added that “the government secured the salaries of this month through borrowing from the three government banks,” noting that “there is a certain mechanism to secure salaries only.”

He stressed that there is a big problem in how to secure the salaries for the month of June, especially since the oil revenues for the month of May are very weak, pointing out that “the work team that formed the finance is working to secure the salaries for the month of June.”

Saleh announced a financial reform that includes a review of high salaries and at the same time protecting small employees who receive few salaries with the possibility of raising them, taking into account that the sixth month salaries will be spent in accordance with the financial reform in addition to revenue, explaining that “the government is currently using a monthly financing budget Not allocation. ”

Saleh disclosed that a higher committee for financial and economic reform works to properly re-engineer public financial engineering in Iraq and put it in new controls and standards.

And on the budget law, Saleh drew attention to the possibility of issuing the law after the month of July to cover a whole year while preparing for the budget for next year, indicating that the new appointees cover and their salaries if their administrative orders are legal.  LINK