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MilitiaMan: What it looks like is there was a notice given on the 19th. Then, moving along from that, banks are closed and a holiday ensues for five days to mark Eid Al-Fitr a time of giving. The mask of Covd-19 is in play.. Nothing like a plan-demic to hide what is in plain site. Very well orchestrated on many fronts. The one front that will usher our win, is what we await on now. imo. No turning back once one jumps from the deck! That is where they are, in the air imo…lol.

Don961: An economist talks about a “rare” financial problem in Iraq

Economy   05/26 2020 18:27   Baghdad – Iraq today:

Economist Rasem Al-Aqidi spoke on Tuesday of a problem that Iraq suffers from, describing it as “a rare occurrence” in the world in the financial field.

Al-Aqidi said that “Iraq suffers from a rare problem occurring all over the world, in the financial field, in terms of its cash block amounting to 56 trillion dinars, which the central bank is supposed to return periodically after the payment of salaries and commercial activities to the banks within The economic cycle, “noting that” what happens that 20% go to banks only and 80% remain in markets, stores, homes, and even in neighboring countries, which are used to buy dollars within the central bank window. ”

Al-Akidi added, “All countries of the world have resorted to the method of modern technologies in the distribution of salaries and commercial activities, via KeyCard, and every employee has a current account and all dues are paid by electronic methods, but this method faces obstacles in its implementation by the symbols of corruption, because it will end the process Sell the dollar, and secure great liquidity for the government to pay its expenses. ”

The promise of “using modern technologies to perform the economic cycle is very important, and it will allow the central bank and government banks to control the national currency, based on the three elements: the monetary block, the volume of dealings, and the volume of trading.”

And Iraq is suffering from an economic crisis, against the backdrop of low oil prices, due to the fact that the Corona virus was invaded to the country, and the consequent disruption to travel, stopping travel, and closing some border points.  LINK