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Samson: A former minister advises Al-Kazemi to enter history through the “Amending the Constitution” portal

26th May, 202

The former minister in the Ministry of Transport, Amer Abdul Jabbar, on Tuesday directed a “advice” to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, in which he said that if Al-Kazemi revised the constitution and converted the system to a semi-presidential category, “history will remember him.”

Abdul-Jabbar said in a televised meeting, “If Al-Kazimy now had rebuilt and built Iraq, even though he does not have money, nothing will be mentioned to him,” noting that “the former prime ministers had not left anything to be mentioned in them, despite Explosive budgets that were in their era.”

He called, “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, to form a working group of legal experts, and to rely on the readings team who prepared the election law and the law of the commission, and add them to Dr. Ghazi Faisal.”

He stressed “the formation of this team to prepare a mechanism for amending the constitution, and if it is amended, Al-Kazimi will be mentioned in history as changing the parliamentary political system in Iraq,” noting that “Al-Kazimi will succeed within 6 months to amend the constitution, if he made the amendment steps from now.”

Abdul-Jabbar continued, addressing Al-Kazemi: “I do not ask you to amend the constitution in all cases so that it does not clash with the region, but you must do four paragraphs of the amendment according to Article 126, and it does not conflict with the interests of the region.”

He explained, “The steps for amendment that Al-Kazemi must take, firstly, changing the system from a parliamentary to a semi-presidential one, and secondly, reducing the number of parliamentarians to 101, and thirdly, abolishing the provincial councils, and fourth, canceling a number of bodies and merging them with other bodies.” Stressing that “these four paragraphs do not conflict with the interests of the region.”   LINK