Samson: The American Alliance reveals 1,200 of its forces leaving Iraq

10:37 – 11/06/2020
The international coalition led by the United States of America revealed, on Thursday, that 1,200 soldiers from its forces had left Iraq during the past period.

“The international coalition has military advisers assisting Iraqi forces through high-level planning in operations and coordination regarding air strikes, participation, and intelligence information so that Iraqi forces have an intelligence experience on the ground from human sources,” Colonel Miles Keynes, a spokesman for the International Alliance, said in an interview with him / information.

He added, “The international coalition is now working in less places, and has gone out to small complexes compared to the bases in Kirkuk, West Qayyarah, Mosul and Qaim,” stressing, “More than 1,200 coalition forces were sent to their countries, including 800 from the United States after the success of the Iraqi forces.” 

He pointed out that “these forces will not return again to Iraq, as there are those who returned to their countries because of Corona and they are specialized in training from other countries such as Norway, Spain, Finland, Germany and Italy.”    LINK