Samson: The Trump administration allocates $ 1 trillion to restore infrastructure to stimulate the economy

16th June, 2020

USBloomberg” quoted informed sources that the President’s administration, Donald Trump, is seeking to allocate one trillion dollars for the infrastructure to stimulate the country’s economy due to the effects of Corona

The US authorities are considering an option in which the money to restore infrastructure is included in the next package of aid and support for the US economy due to the implications of the epidemic

Bloomberg pointed out that a preliminary version prepared by the Ministry of Transport will keep most of the money for traditional infrastructure works, such as roads and bridges, as well as the creation and support of the 5G network and the Internet and to expand that also in rural areas

On May 16, the US House of Representatives approved by majority vote the proposed new Democrat package of $ 3 trillion in stimulus measures, while Republicans in the Senate said they would not support the new measure package

U.S. President Donald Trump has also made clear that the bill has no opportunity, but later said that it could support another bill aimed at stimulating the US economy, which may begin discussion in July



Samson:  After months of tension … a US-China crisis meeting in Hawaii

16th June, 2020

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will meet in Hawaii tomorrow, Wednesday, the senior Chinese official, Yang Jiechi, at the first meeting at this level, after months of severe tension between the two countries.

Hong Kong newspaper, “The South China Morning Post,” Monday, quoted an unnamed source as saying that the Chinese official who will meet with Pompeo in Hawaii is Yang Jiechi, chief foreign policy official of the Communist Party of China, and that the meeting between them will take place on Wednesday.

The “Politico” newspaper was the first to refer to an upcoming meeting in Hawaii, the American archipelago in the Pacific, between Pompeo and a senior Chinese official, who was not identified.

While the US State Department did not make any comment on the news, its Chinese counterpart said only that the two countries “kept in contact.”

The last formal meeting between Pompeo and Yang Jiechi dates back to April 15, and since then US-China relations have further deteriorated. Pompeo was at the forefront of US officials, who have sharply criticized China for its handling of the Corona pandemic crisis.

Pompeo initially accused Beijing of hiding the scope and severity of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, thereby imposing on it the responsibility for the outbreak in the rest of the world and the victims it had acquired, and the repercussions it caused, especially the economic ones. But the US minister soon escalated the seriousness of his accusation of Beijing, saying publicly that he believed that the virus, and if its origin was natural, it may have been accidentally leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan, the Chinese city where the virus first appeared in late 2019.

China rejects all these accusations, stressing that it has fully dealt with the epidemic crisis. Soon, the escalation of Sino-US tensions escalated, and branched out with the entry of US President Donald Trump on the line threatening Beijing with retaliatory measures for its role in this “global massacre.”  LINK