Samson: Al-Kazemi on the strategic dialogue with America: It was confirmed for the first time the recognition of national sovereignty

26th June, 2020

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi commented on the strategic dialogue between Iraq and America, indicating that the assertion was made for the first time to recognize national sovereignty.

Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper quoted Al-Kazemi in response to a question about the strategic dialogue between Iraq and the United States. Held on June 11th, he said that “the strategic dialogue that took place between Iraq and the United States achieved important goals, as it was emphasized for the first time through this dialogue to recognize national sovereignty, which is important in terms of the nature of the future relationship with the Americans.”

He added, “During the dialogue, the withdrawal of the American forces was scheduled, which is an important development in terms of how to deal with this presence.”

He continued: “The forces that remain will be negotiated in the future,” indicating that “Iraq really needs security and military support; but it has no military adventures, and I will not allow that.”


Iobey777:  IMO this certainly tells us what the “new” relationship going forward will be with Iraq and the US! I’m thinking this is “post RI” information!!  He sure sounds like a “clone” of Trump in that he says he will not allow a country to interfere more than they WANT them to! I just heard Trump say in a recent speech that he was slowly removing troops from Iraq and other countries. IMO, leaving only the BARE necessity troops to maintain security and stability! It’s just my idea, that once we see the RI and their currency reaches maximum payout, I am thinking Iraq will be left to fend for themselves! But we will see!