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Samson: Pompeo: We will place visa restrictions for Chinese officials

26th June 2020
Washington announced Friday that it has imposed restrictions on the visa of a number of Chinese officials due to violations of Hong Kong’s autonomy.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the United States will place restrictions on the visas of an unspecified number of current and former officials associated with the Communist Party of China and “those responsible for depriving Hong Kong of its liberties.”   LINK

Dan:  TRUMP Will want this feather in his cap just before November   IMO
I trust Iraq to follow through when dad kicks there glutious maximus.
I have also been wondering re: the timing is to let the current system FAIL
and raise something else up.
Do not trust the mafia banks at all …How many Will need bail out, or bail in.

The banks perspective is that your money is their money.
I try to look at the big picture Not just backwards Iraq.

Slade:  Dan…..you are on point……its way bigger than this piddly country Iraq……heck….they could have done this long ago…….imo

Ryan1916:  For Trump to benefit and look great from this it’ll have to be well before November. I’m watching this day by. This can go at any moment.