Samson:  Parliamentary Integrity announces the preparation of lists to return smuggled money abroad

2nd July, 2020

The Parliamentary Integrity Committee announced today, Thursday, the preparation of lists to recover money smuggled out of Iraq.

“The committee has a complete list of the smuggled money, containing the names of the people and the funds that are located outside Iraq,” said the committee’s decision, Abdul Amir Al-Mayahi.

He added that “Iraq has a lot of money abroad, some of it frozen and the other with dishonest hands.”

He pointed out that “the Corona pandemic prevented the movement of those funds,” pointing out that “the Integrity Committee summoned the head of the money recovery department outside Iraq to find out what before and after 2003 of the money, and after the end of the pandemic, the file will be fully followed up.”   LINK

Zeeman:  Its a novel idea to go after stolen money out of iraq. but i have a better one if they have the guts to do it go ater malaki take back his billions then arrest him. this would be the greatest accomplishment iraq could do

Samson:  Waving to withdraw confidence from Al-Kazemi after a “breach” of a parliamentary decision

2nd July, 2020

The decision of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi parliament, Ahmed Saffar, called on Thursday, the Presidency of the Council to submit an urgent request to host Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and Minister of Finance Ali Allawi, after violating a binding parliamentary decision, which means the possibility of voting to withdraw confidence

Saffar told Shafaq News that “the Iraqi parliament voted to oblige the Iraqi government to send a draft budget for 2020 to the council, as a maximum, on June 30, but the government did not respond to this decision, and did not respond to inquiries about sending the budget or not, even the clock

And that “the behavior of the Iraqi government is in clear violation of the decisions of the legislative authority, which are binding on it,” adding “the presidency of the parliament, to submit a quick request, to host Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and Minister of Finance Ali Allawi, to find out the reason for not sending the budget law, and the reason for not Answer the requests and inquiries of the relevant parliamentary committees

He added that “when hosting Al-Kazemi and Allawi, if they do not have logical excuses, the hosting will be converted into an interrogation, and after questioning, the vote will be withdrawn from Al-Kazemi and Allawi’s confidence, and this also depends on their answers, and the extent of the conviction of the deputies from the lack of conviction

The Iraqi parliament voted last month on a decision committing the government to send the draft budget for the current year for a maximum period of 30 June, which was not achieved

While the indications were that the government would present a semi-annual financial budget for the remainder of this year, the government appeared to be intent to proceed without a budget until the end of the year

Iraq has not approved the financial budget for the current year so far as a result of the crisis of protests that prompted the previous government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi to submit its resignation late last year  LINK

Will:  looks like our boy never sent the budget.  Must be something big in there not ready to let out of the bag

Popeye7:  IMO, there would be be no other viable reason to hold back the budget… They have had it for a while… As you stated, there must be something of extreme importance in that there budget… Combine that with the salaries not being paid, and there certainly are some highly suspicious actions going on…