Samson:  An economist reveals a “waste” of $ 700 million in customs within three months

2nd August, 2020

Economic expert, Manar Al-Ubaidi, saw on Sunday that the percentage of customs collected during last July declined from June compared to the transfers of the Central Bank, revealing a “waste” of $ 700 million during the past three months.

Al-Obaidi said in an interview with Alsumaria News that “the percentage of customs collected in July 2020 compared to the percentage of central bank transfers amounted to 1.727%, retreating from the rate of last month of 2.64%,” noting that “the total of central bank transfers amounted to $ 3.64 billion, An increase of 42% compared to June 2020.

He added that “the value of customs obtained in July decreased by 6% compared to the customs of the month of June 2020, where the value of customs collected for the month of July amounted to 76 billion dinars, equivalent to only 63 million dollars, while the value of customs collected for the month of June was 80 billion dinars, that is, The equivalent of 67 million dollars. ”

Obeidi said that “the proportion of customs Almsthsal during the past three months compared with the remittances of the Central Bank for Balastairadat credits (which is equal to the value of imports for b Iraq) It was only 2.13%.”

He pointed out that, “depending on the rate of customs Iraq 10% (as the value of customs varies according to the type of product) and 10% can be adopted as an average of the value of customs, the value of waste in customs amounts during the three months amounted to approximately 700 million dollars, as the total of collected customs amounted to only $189 million, while The value of customs assumed based on the amounts transferred from the Central Bank is 886 million USD.  LINK