Samson:  The Iraqi Bank of Trade enters the list of the best 1000 global banks 2020 

The Trade Bank of Iraq was ranked for the third year in a row in the list of the best 1000 international banks for the year 2020 ranked 319 issued by the prestigious British “The Banker” magazine.  LINK

Iobey777:  HMM, interesting! How did they do that using a worthless currency? Just saying… IMO!

Deepwoodz:  Key word is obviously……..INTERNATIONAL!   woop woop!!!

Ross:  You must see the explosion in Beruit this AM on WhatFinger. Look like an atomic bomb


You will be shaken. If you have PTSD do not watch.

Reports are now saying it was a fireworks factory…then some speculation circulated that the location of Tuesday’s blast in Beirut was connected with a Hezbollah weapons assembly line.  Probably truth  IMOO