Samson: Iraq Is Ranked 38th In The World Gold Reserves And 96.3 Tons

5th August, 2020

The World Gold Council announced today, Wednesday, that more than 35 thousand tons of gold are held by the world, indicating that Iraq is ranked 38th in the world with the largest gold reserves.

The Council said in its last report during the current month of August, that “the world’s possession of gold as reserves for these countries amounted to 35 thousand and 17 tons,” noting that “these reserves increased from 2019, which amounted to 34 thousand and 300 tons.”

The Council added that “the United States ranked first in its possession of gold reserves at 8 thousand and 133 tons, followed by Germany in second place with reserves of 3 and 363 tons, and then Italy comes third with reserves of 2 and 450 tons.”

He added that “Iraq ranked 38th with the largest gold reserves in the world with an amount of 96.3 tons, which is equivalent to 8% of its reserves from other currencies, while it ranked fifth in the Arab world after each of Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Lebanon and Libya.”  LINK