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Don961:  Exposing the amount of stolen and wasted Iraqi funds since 2006

Policy 08/08/2020 21:11 373 Editor: ht
Baghdad today – special

A member of the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption, Saeed Yassin Musa, confirmed, Saturday, August 08, 2020, that the amount of money stolen from the Iraqi treasury since 2006, until today, has reached 360 billion dollars.

Moussa said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), “The volume of what was stolen from Iraq’s funds after 2006 and up to now is more than $ 360 billion by slowing down and delaying the implementation of more than 10 thousand investment contracts.”

He added that “mismanagement and planning also caused hundreds of billions of losses, in addition to the presence of economic bodies belonging to influential political forces that used their influence to seize public money.”

Moussa indicated that “double salaries, the presence of space employees in state institutions, oil smuggling operations, smuggling operations at border outlets, money laundering operations, and most of these operations are political parties involved in them who have contributed to wasting public money during the past years.”

And a member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, Abd al-Khaliq al-Azzawi, said Monday (June 28, 2020), that fighting corruption and curbing the influence of parties influenced by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi will be difficult unless the political blocs support him.

Al-Azzawi said in an interview with (Baghdad Today), “There are many complex and thorny files that await the prime minister to solve them and fight corruption in them.”

He added, “The task of the prime minister in facing the parties and the corrupt will be difficult unless the national political blocs support him.”

And, “Al-Kazemi’s mission in these exceptional circumstances that Iraq is going through is very difficult, and then without support and assistance, he will fail in that.”   LINK


Don961:  A member of Parliamentary Finance confirms his support for making a deal with the robbers of public funds in this way in exchange for their acquittal

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Baghdad today – Baghdad

A member of the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Jamal Cougar, confirmed, Saturday, August 08, 2020, that he supports a deal with theft of public money by dropping all the cases brought against them in exchange for a refund of 80-90% of the money they stole.

In an interview with (Baghdad Today), Cougar said, “The return of the stolen money is a correct path that we support, in case there are serious steps by the government regarding this file with an actual confirmation by those accused of stealing public money by returning 80-90% of the funds.” In their possession to the state treasury. “

He added that “returning the defendants, the bulk of the money they have in order to drop the charges brought against them, is a sign of regret they feel,” noting that “the matter remains dependent on the accused’s intention to return the money to the state treasury.”

Earlier, the economist, Abd al-Rahman al-Mashhadani, revealed on Monday (August 20, 2020) the amount of money smuggled abroad, which is divided between laundering and illegal operations estimated at at least $ 250 billion, while he confirmed that the process of recovering it is fraught with risks and needs to An international effort.

Abd al-Rahman al-Mashhadani said, in a televised statement that she followed (Baghdad Today), that “seeking to amend the Financial Management Law is futile, because it was amended at the end of last year to allow the government to work in the event that there is no budget by disbursing funds according to the 1/12 rule, that is, the monthly disbursement of funds. According to the closest approved budget to proceed with the investment projects that are disbursed for later.

Al-Mashhadani added, “Any new amendment will weaken the role of the government and the Ministry of Finance in passing its general budgets because the government cannot work without a budget, and also the parliament, which will not be able to monitor achievement rates without adopting a plan or budget,” noting that “the state’s general budget is not approved.” In the year 2014 it cast a shadow over the performance of the Ministry of Finance since that day.

He continued: “A budget must be organized with the actual spending from January 2020 until July, and estimates of the total size of the budget must be added, and according to my estimation, it must be up to 65 trillion dinars to cover operational expenses and even the deficit will match the deficit percentage specified in the Financial Management Law,” indicating that “oil prices Stable at about $ 40 a barrel, and its price in the budget is supposed to be set at around $ 35, and here the doors of exchange will laugh and laugh until the end of the year. ”

Regarding the money smuggled outside Iraq, the economist said, “The money smuggled abroad is estimated between money laundering and illegal operations, estimated at at least 250 billion dollars and may reach 350 billion, and it is present in neighboring Arab countries as well as many countries of the world.”

Regarding the possibility of recovering the smuggled money, he stressed that “recovering these funds is fraught with risks and requires an international effort and cooperation with international organizations, as well as cooperation with international research and investigation offices to find these funds and then return them, and it takes five years at least.”

The economic expert pointed out that “the State of Morocco carried out an experiment in which it bargained with money smugglers that the lawsuits against them would be dropped in exchange for returning half or a third of that money, and this matter is faster than research and investigation and assigning follow-up bodies, because the matter may extend for years.”  LINK