Samson:  Iraq ranks 110th in the happiness index for 2020

12th August, 2020

Iraq ranked 110th in the happiness index for the year 2020, according to the “Global Finance” magazine, which classifies the countries of the world

According to the statistic published by the magazine on its website and seen by “Al-Eqtisad News”, “Iraq ranked 110th out of 153 countries listed in the table, and the eighth in the Arab world after each of the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco and Algeria, while Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia and Mauritania came after Iraq.” Egypt and Yemen

She added, “Finland ranked first for the third consecutive year in the most happy country in the world, followed by Denmark, then ranked third in Switzerland, and then Iceland came fourth

The magazine pointed out that, “in its classification, it depended on several trends, including freedom to make life choices, confidence towards social and political institutions, healthy life expectancy, the level of support available from friends and relatives in times of need and generosity as a feeling of positive community participation   LINK

Samson:  China: Relations with America must not be derailed

12th August, 2020

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Li Yu Cheng said Wednesday that its relationship with the United States should remain within the correct scope and not deviate from it.

Cheng said the coming months are crucial for Sino-U.S. Relations, and one should maintain focus and not be influenced by extremist forces.

US President Donald Trump indicated that his relationship with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping reached the highest stage of tension due to the Corona pandemic. Directing criticism and accusations that it did not take sufficient measures to contain the virus. In addition to the current disputes between the two largest economies in the world due to Beijing’s crackdown in Hong Kong.

It is reported that China imposed sanctions on 11 US citizens, including members of Congress from Trump’s Republican Party, on Monday in response to Washington’s imposition of sanctions on officials from China.

China has expressed its strong opposition to America’s blocking of Chinese electronic applications. Adding that this contradicts market principles and is not based on a realistic basis. She indicated that the United States wants to delete “untrusted” Chinese applications from US electronic application stores.