Samson:  Barzani’s party sends a message to Kazemi: He convinced the Americans of this matter

10:44 – 12/08/2020

The deputy of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Bashar Al-Kiki, called on Wednesday, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to convince the American side that Iraq will be able to preserve its free, sovereign decision and will not be affected regionally. “The visit of Prime Minister Al-Kazemi to the United States of America is very important, to redraw the position of Iraq in the international community, as well as for Iraq to take its active role in the process of balancing the regional powers in the region,” Al-Kiki said.

He added, “The importance of the visit lies in achieving its goals, by keeping Iraq away from foreign conflicts and convincing America that Iraq is.”He will be able to preserve his free, sovereign decision and will not be affected regionally, and the Iraqi decision will be based on the interest of Iraq and its people,” indicating that “the visit is very important in both objective and formal terms, and it is a positive step to move the level of Iraqi foreign relations in the international community, because America is a very important international factor.“

He pointed out that “one of the important aspects of the visit lies in putting Washington in the correct way in terms of the American and foreign military presence in Iraq, and to come up with an outcome through negotiations,” noting that “it is necessary for an Iraqi consensus to contain the issue in a way that is in the interest of the people.” Iraqi in all respects”. He pointed out that “the most important files that the prime minister could raise is the American military presence, and work to sign an agreement that draws the features of the military presence and the mechanisms of dealing between the two sides in this regard.” LINK

Mr. Harfax:  “IMO – I know we aren’t supposed to post so I’ll quote.  You can see the actual post if you go the Govt of Iraq’s twitter page.  On their page they posted Not long ago a thread and the last part reads..

We call on the Kurdistan Regional Government to fulfill its constitutional obligations and return to the negotiating table in the public interest.

What are your thoughts on this? ~ Mr. Harfax”

MilitiaMan:  They are in negotiations that need to get resolved. They are now more public about it.. That is in my opinion pressure through a brinkmanship way of doing things by using twitter. They are notorious in going to the limits.. Timing is now of a concern. Down to the wire. They are being challenged to get things sorted. There comes a time when things have to be completed or get left out. Enough is enough.. That is my view on the matter. Am I right? We shall see. ~ MM

Mr. Harfax:  Thank you for the insight.  I also feel it’s a bit of game-manship as we enter the final stage.  Fingers crossed this is a part of their last dance.