MilitiaMan:  Level playing field with transparency is clear and concise! Part of Trumps plan and it is coming to fruition! It is bigger than we imagined by far!! -MM

Pete2001: MM, how does Trump get this done before the election. Unfortunately if he doesn’t win don’t see how this goes through do you? So he has to get this done by Nov. 3rd.What is the forcing mechanism regarding a date to implement? Hopefully there is one?

BillA:  You can take this as rumor for now however the QFS block chain system has been operational since August 2nd. The old Swift system will be taken down on August 31st and the new QFS to begin FULL operations on September 1st. It is my opinion that the new Quantum Voting System using the same block chain principals (latest patent filed Feb/2020) is ready now. It is my understanding that it will take names from the voter rolls and match them with real people (No foreigners or made up voters), the USPS will then send information to all eligible voters on how to access the system to make their vote(s). It is also my understanding that the voting can be completed via smart phone, tablet or computer……. All of this of course is in my opinion.   God Bless You