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Popeye7:  This process continues to unfold right before our eyes… It’s funny because the number of changes, and procedures that needed to be implemented prior to when the RI comes to fruition, has certainly been more than most of us ever imagined… But they are getting it done, and IMO, there is very important date to meet… Important on so many levels.

MilitiaMan:  It is some very good data we are receiving lately and man you nailed it. There is so many things that have come to pass that we had no idea was in the mix. But, the batter is sure looking sweet! lol ~ MM

PattyCakes:  Thank you MM. I am still very optimistic for this yr. Not letting any other opinion on this forum sway me.

Ross:  Simply based on all the prior years of kicking the can it is hard to bet against them not doing it again and the 1st of 2021 is certainly plausible all things considered.  However once we get to 2021 history with Iraq has the potential to keep postponing pushing the button…nothing guaranteed.  I’m looking for Iraq to break from this inclination by doing the unexpected, such as, changing the Fiscal YE or dissolving parliament or just announcing the new rate for the benefit of the citizens. I like your attitude PattyCakes and join you in still being hopeful for a surprise blessing…such as pointing towards the NY and pulling a Kuwait type surprise.  Blessing to all as we wait and see.

MilitiaMan:  In my opinion there is more than just Iraq now. So, I am still more optimistic they have a plan for this far sooner than 2021.. They have to expose the 2020 prior to the foundation of the 2021 – 2023. jmtc. But, like always lets see what they do.. ~ MM