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Samson:  Before raising their immunity, MPs travel abroad for fear of being arrested in corruption cases

18th September, 2020

Informed sources revealed, on Friday, that MPs travel outside Iraq for fear of being arrested in corruption cases.

The sources said, “There are about 6 to 8 deputies, some of whom were former ministers, governors, and heads of provincial councils, who left Iraq during the past two days, for fear of being arrested in corruption cases, after receiving information to them that their names were on the arrest lists, which were issued by the investigation committee in major corruption cases. And exceptional crimes.”

And she added, “These representatives took advantage of the parliamentary immunity that they possess and left Iraq, before the return of the Iraqi parliament sessions, which could see their immunity lifted after a request submitted by the committee to investigate major corruption and exceptional crimes cases to the Presidency of the Council, during the past few days.” LINK

Samson:  Parliamentary Security: The coming days will witness the arrest of big names with suspicions of corruption

18th September, 2020

A member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee of the Saeron Alliance, Badr Al-Ziyadi, confirmed, on Friday, that the coming days will witness the arrest of new and large names with suspicions of corruption, stressing that there are no red lines on anyone and everyone is subject to the law.

Al-Ziyadi said in a statement that Mawazine News received, a copy of it, that “the measures that the Prime Minister initiated in following up and arresting those with suspicions of corruption and files with the supervisory authorities are real measures that are supported by all political forces and parliamentary committees, especially the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee.”

Noting that “the coming days will appear new and large names of different levels will be arrested as well, there are no red lines on anyone who appears on files of corruption and everyone is subject to the law.”

He added, “The arrest of some of the suspects does not mean that they are categorically corrupt, and the final decision will be for the fair judiciary, because all those arrested will have payments to present to the court and the final word remains for the judiciary to decide the matter,” pointing out that “there are many files being made.” He referred it to the judiciary and supervisory authorities for follow-up. There are big names and everyone who has suspicions of corruption will be imposing the authority of law on them.

He stressed, “The judiciary understands what is happening and everyone knows that since 2003 until today, notable and influential figures have been arrested due to partisan and political pressures, but today it is up to the Prime Minister and the Anti-Corruption Committee to arrest everyone who has corruption files or suspicions and from all sides without

There is a distinction between a specific bloc or entity and that everyone who caused the waste of the country’s wealth throughout the previous years is held accountable in order to achieve a real breakthrough in the accountability of the corrupt and the heads of corruption.”  LINK