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Samson:  Al-Araji receives the US ambassador in Baghdad, Matthew Tueller

28th September, 2020

The National Security Adviser, Qassem Al-Araji, received, Monday morning, the US ambassador to Baghdad, Matthew Tueller.

During the meeting, they discussed strengthening joint cooperation between Iraq and the United States of America in all fields, and ways to develop the growing relationship between Baghdad and Washington.

The American ambassador affirmed his country’s continued support for the Iraqi government in the areas of security and combating terrorism, and assistance in overcoming current challenges.

For his part, Al-Araji indicated to the US ambassador that the current stage should witness more stability and calm, so that the region and the world could enjoy security and stability.   LINK

Samson:  US State Department: Those who target missions pose a threat to Iraq and diplomats

28th September, 2020

The US State Department commented on press reports that indicated the administration’s intention, President Donald Trump, to close the embassy in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, against the backdrop of continuous missile attacks.

A spokeswoman for the US State Department, Morgan Artagus, said that Washington had previously made clear that the Iranian-backed groups that fire missiles at the US embassy in Baghdad pose a threat to the government of Iraq and neighboring diplomatic missions, refusing to respond to reports of the embassy’s closure, by saying that we never comment on diplomatic talks. Special to the minister with foreign leaders.  LINK


Samson:  Political sources: Washington presents conditions to Baghdad for not closing the embassy

28th September, 2020

Informed political sources revealed, today, Monday, that the United States has presented several conditions to the Iraqi government for not closing the embassy.

The sources pointed out that the United States considers closing offices at the airport insufficient, but rather stipulating that all armed factions leave the Green Zone, which numbered 7,000.

In addition to controlling the airport completely and not being used by the pro-Iranian factions.



Samson:  Mazhar Muhammad Saleh: The government concluded nearly 19,000 contracting contracts worth $ 100 billion

28th September, 2020

The prominent economist, Doctor Mazhar Muhammad Salih, confirmed that the government has nearly 19,000 contracting contracts worth nearly $ 100 billion

Saleh said, in an article published on the Iraqi Economists Network, seen by “Al-Eqtisad News”, that launching projects in Iraq has a huge number of commitments, and the advance payment policy is used as one of the encouraging phenomena for the contracting sector, which amounts to 10% of the total contracting, pointing to that the number of projects increased to 6 thousand projects and nearly 19 thousand enterprises, a value of close to 100 billion dollars

He noted that the state pays a risk premium of 10% for the delay in approving annual investment projects, which takes the form of advances provided to contractors

He explained that the annual material achievement of government projects ranges between 8% -28% in the best case, explaining that the decision to stop incomplete projects and pay on credit has cost the country to pay bonds or commit to pay them at about 5 trillion dinars for the cost of semi-completed or unfinished government projects  LINK