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Samson:  Member of Parliament: The political system will collapse due to the economic situation

29th September, 2020

A member of the Finance Committee, Muhammad Sahib Al-Darraji, said on Tuesday that the political system will collapse due to the current economic situation of the country.

Al-Darraji said in a tweet via Twitter, that “those in control of the situation in Iraq are preoccupied with the relationship with America and detailing the election law according to their size.”

He added, “Listen to my voice: The collapse of the political system and what remains of the state will be due to the collapse of the economic and financial situation, with this current economic performance,” adding that “the country is going to chaos.”   LINK

Samson:  The death of the Emir of Kuwait Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah

29th September, 2020

Kuwait announced, on Tuesday, the death of the Emir of the country, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, who had been undergoing treatment in a hospital in the United States of America since last July.

“The Amiri Diwan mourns the death of Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Emir of Kuwait,” the Kuwaiti Amiri Diwan said in a statement.

And the Kuwait News Agency reported last July that Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah had arrived in the United States, to complete treatment, adding at the time that he was in stable health.

Kuwaiti government television cut off its live broadcast earlier, Tuesday, and began broadcasting verses from the Quran.

Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah assumed power in Kuwait on January 29, 2006, at the age of 91, the fifteenth Emir of the country, and the fourth son of Sheikh Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.  LINK


Samson:  The Council of Ministers approves the draft law on financing the fiscal deficit and refers it to Parliament

09/29/2020 17:36:15

A spokesman for Prime Minister Ahmed Mulla Talal:

The withdrawal or closure of any diplomatic mission in any country will have catastrophic repercussions on the entire region

Kazemi confirmed Iraq’s refusal and his government to turn the country into an arena for conflict between America and Iran

Kazemi confirmed that Washington and Iran is supporting the Iraqi position

Kazemi confirmed that there is no an occupation in the country now

Al-Kazemi confirmed that the coalition forces came at the request of the previous Iraqi governments

Mulla Talal: Al-Kazemi confirmed that the government had taken several measures to secure diplomatic missions

Mulla Talal: The government is happy to support the ambassadors of the European Union to Iraq

Mulla Talal: Al-Kazemi emphasized that the decision on war and peace is the exclusive prerogative of the Iraqi constitutional institutions

Mulla Talal: Al-Kazemi confirmed that Washington and Iran support this Iraqi position

Mulla Talal: The cabinet decided to amend the legal text on promoting doctors to higher ranks

Mulla Talal: Granting an additional allowance of 50% of the nominal salary includes regular and senior resident physicians

Mulla Talal: The Cabinet approved the health insurance bill and referred it to Parliament.

Mulla Talal: The Cabinet approves the fiscal deficit financing bill and refers it to Parliament

Mulla Talal: There is no transfer to the 2020 budget or merge it with 2021

Mulla Talal: The Fiscal Deficit Financing Law does not cancel the budget

Mulla Talal: Arrest of 19 officers and security officials who fired rockets from the partitions of their previous responsibility

Mulla Talal: Oil imports are not enough to secure salaries

Mulla Talal: More than 20 officials have been arrested on charges of financial and administrative corruption   LINK

Samson:  Mulla Talal: The government is happy to support the ambassadors of the European Union to Iraq   LINK

David:  This to me is very telling, as this is one of the things we have been waiting to see! It appears that EU is getting ready to follow suit with both the IMF and the UN…as we have seen the IMF give support to the new CBI Governor, and the removal of UN sanctions. Now hopefully Iraq will be removed from EU blacklist !…and all this happening before Iraq gets INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED! This very very promising! All IMO!

Samson:  Integrity: Ten years imprisonment for a former general manager after he was caught red-handed

09/29/2020 19:05:05

The Federal Integrity Commission announced the issuance of a sentence of ten years in prison for a former general manager at the Ministry of Trade, while it indicated that the verdict came against the background of his arrest in the act of committing bribery.

And the investigation department of the authority stated in a statement that the Al Furat News Agency received a copy of it, and in the course of talking about the details of the case that it investigated and referred to the judiciary, it reported that the Al-Karkh Criminal Court issued a judgment in the presence of the Director General of the General Company for Grain Industry in the Ministry of Trade (formerly) serving a prison sentence. Ten years and a fine of five million dinars; Based on the provisions of Resolution {160 of 1983} of the Penal Code.

The department clarified that “the court’s decision in the presence of the court came against the background of the criminal case of caught red-handed by receiving a bribe from a mill owner in return for not closing his mill.

On the twenty-third of last January, the authority announced the issuance of a detention order against the former director general of the General Company for Foodstuff Trade in the Ministry of Trade For intentionally inflicting damage on public funds.   LINK


Samson:  Baghdad arrests the rocket launchers and stops 19 officers and officials

29th September, 2020

The spokesman for the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced, on Tuesday, the arrest of a number of those involved in firing rockets at the Green Zone and military bases, as well as the arrest of 19 officers and security officials.

This came in an interview with Ahmad Mulla Talal during a press conference in the capital, Baghdad, which was attended by Shafaq News Agency.

Mulla Talal said, “The security forces arrested a number of the rocket launchers,” without indicating their identities or their affiliations. He also stated that “19 officers and security officials who had fired rockets from partitions of their previous responsibility were arrested” due to their failure to perform their duties. 

On Monday evening, 5 people (3 children and two women) were killed when two Katyusha rockets fell on their house in the Radwaniyah area, near Baghdad Airport, west of the capital. Following the accident, Al-Kazemi ordered the arrest of the force assigned to protect that area for failing to perform its duties.

Earlier Tuesday, the Minister of Interior, Othman Al-Ghanimi, said in a press conference in Karbala Governorate, “What happened yesterday is raging, and the Iraqi Ministry of Interior was able to reach the perpetrators.”  In the past weeks, the frequency of attacks targeting US forces and the forces and interests of other countries in the anti-ISIS coalition has escalated, if the attacks take place almost daily, amid reports that Washington may close its embassy in Baghdad for 90 days.     LINK