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Samson: Central Bank Governor: We Have Started Implementing The Banking Sector Reform Plan

15th October, 2020

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Mustafa Ghaleb Mukhaif, confirmed that a few days ago, he presented a vision to reform the reality of the country’s banking sector to strengthen the financial stability system based on competition.

The governor of the bank said in a statement reported by the newspaper “Al-Sabah” and its independent newspaper today, Thursday, that “the future vision for the work of the Central Bank of Iraq is centered in light of the economic crisis through the goals that it seeks to achieve and specified under its amended Law No. 56 of 2004, the most important of which is (guarantee) Domestic price stability and the promotion of a stable financial system based on competition), to continue achieving the strategic objectives set out in the 2016-2020 plan.

The governor explains, “In order to do so, the bank recently proposed the terms of the reform paper for the banking sector, which has been initiated now, because of its importance in developing banking services and products in the next stage, and through it, the banking sector will be supported to advance its current reality. Of the specific criteria adopted by the bank and on the basis of which the operating banks were classified, ”indicating that“ this classification will be reviewed by the end of this year, and this will continue for the following semesters of the year.”

The governor of the Central Bank says: “This step comes within the framework of enhancing confidence in the banking sector and improving the quality of services provided to the public, as well as enhancing competitiveness in the Iraqi banking sector.” Their conditions and the payment of their customers’ dues, ”stressing that“ this classification will be an opportunity for these banks to prove their seriousness in achieving the requirements of reform and pay the dues of depositors and shareholders owed by those banks.”

MilitiaMan:  The Prime Minister spoke about competition. The Finance Minister spoke about competition. Now the CBI Governor is speaking about competition. Competition is a key component of a market economy. Looks like the Central Bank of Iraq has had the ear to the IMF. The reform paper terms are initiated now.. The terms or basis has to be applied when international. That is all about what is expected next as in what is to follow.. Yep, that is implementation of the basis.. Read rate or value.. Either works for me.. lol ~ MM


“Regarding what is being raised about the existence of an expected change in the exchange rate, the minister stressed that “changing the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar must be done in agreement with the Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Presenting numbers is currently a sensitive issue. Reducing the value of the dinar will have positives and negatives and will help us financially in the first period. But we must contain its repercussions, especially inflation. ”

He cautioned that “reducing the value of the dinar will create real competition and activate the industrial and agricultural sectors in Iraq.”


The Prime Minister chaired the emergency competition and its meetings were moderated by the Minister of Finance, and included representatives of the economic ministries and major state institutions concerned with the issue, including the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Iraq. The cell held more than 20 meetings between May 2020 and August 2020, and received detailed statements and reports from all concerned authorities in the country as well as from representatives of the private sector. The cell has finished preparing its report, known as the “White Paper,” referring to the approach followed in it, whereby the government submits its recommendations on the main issues with the aim of crystallizing a common basis that can be agreed upon and approved,followed by the presentation of the necessary legislation and implementation procedures accordingly.


Competition fosters economic welfare and makes markets work for development. The World Bank Group supports clients in promoting and implementing pro-competition rules in key sectors, deterring anticompetitive business practices, and minimizing distortive government interventions in markets.