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Buckeyetree:  It would be nice to imagine that the October 25th demonstration would become one big celebration of the RI instead of protests.

It seems that extricating Iran influence out of the GOI will be an ongoing process. IMO what is important is that Iran is controlled and not the controlling influence in Iraq any longer.

Iraq has reached its current progress in reforms due to what Shabbi started and Alak continued but what Kazemi, the Fab 4, the new Governor of the CBI, and the Finance Minister have perfected because those guys are loyal to Iraq and Iraqis and want to join the modern world and international market and bring citizens out of poverty.

There appears to be ongoing and increasing pressure. Can the citizens tolerate the current situation for weeks longer or just days longer?

It would be a feather in Trump’s hat and more beneficial for his re-election bid for the new rate to be revealed before November.

I believe that our President wishes the best outcome for the Iraqi people as well. Different landmarks have come and gone, and we still must wait. However, for an oil rich asset based country in which countries of the world wish to do business, the shackles of a program rate need to be a thing of the past.

May that be soon and not later once again.    Blessings.