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Parliamentary Committee: The Anti-Corruption Council Person Has More Than 40,000 Files

26th October, 2020
The Government Program Follow-up Committee revealed the existence of 40,000 files of corruption diagnosed by the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption, while affirming its support for the government’s reform orientations.

Committee member Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani said in a statement to the independent newspaper, Al-Sabah: “There are 40,000 files of corruption that were presented by the previous government that included a large amount of control measures, which are classified as clear corruption files and have been identified by the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption,” indicating that “There are two types of those involved in these files, individuals from well-known political parties, in addition to employees who are covered up by those parties for the services they provide.

Regarding the white paper, he explained that “global support is required for it, but the battle against corruption inside the country and reforms start from within the executive and legislative system, and we have the ability to diagnose cases of corruption, provided that there is a real will to overcome the financial crisis.”

The White Paper is a comprehensive roadmap that aims to reform the Iraqi economy and address the serious challenges facing it, which have accumulated over the past years due to wrong policies, mismanagement, corruption and lack of planning in addition to the almost total dependence on oil as a primary source of state revenue.   LINK


Samson:  Pompeo arrives in India on his first stop on an Asian tour

26th October, 2020

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo arrived in India today, Monday, in the first leg of his five-day Asian tour aimed at strengthening strategic relations to counter Chinese influence in the region.

According to a media representative report, Pompeo was received by US Ambassador Kenneth Gaster at New Delhi airport. Pompeo is scheduled to meet his Indian counterpart, Subramaniam Jaishankar, Monday evening, before participating with US Defense Secretary Mark Esper in a summit meeting between Jaishankar and Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday.

Pompeo and Esper will also call Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, according to a draft of the visit’s agenda published by the Indian Foreign Ministry. Analysts say the visit comes as part of Washington’s recent efforts to support its allies in the face of the rising tide of China.

Pompeo is scheduled to travel to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, two Indian Ocean countries where China has funded and constructed numerous infrastructure projects, sparking fears from India and the United States. Pompeo concludes his Asian tour, which comes during the week before the US presidential elections, in Indonesia, which is one of several countries in Southeast Asia that have fears of increased Chinese activities in the disputed South China Sea.  LINK