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Samson: Foreign Policy: Iraq is a missing element in the discussions by Trump and Biden

29th October, 2020

A report by Foreign Policy magazine confirmed that among the important issues in US foreign policy that were almost absent from discussions of the presidential elections is the issue of Iraq and the role of the United States in the Middle East.

The Foreign Policy report stressed that Iraq is the main pillar of any US strategy in the Middle East, especially in light of its joint position with Iran and a number of important countries in the region.

Moreover, it possesses one of the largest global oil reserves, and the flow of Iraqi oil will be necessary for the growth of the global economy in the coming years, indicating that if Washington wants to deter Iran and its proxies, it must do so in Iraq.

The report wondered about the reasons that made the Iraq issue almost absent from the discussions of the candidates for the upcoming presidential elections, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, despite its strategic importance.

The report emphasized that the American people’s rejection of the so-called eternal wars does not mean abandoning Iraq, but rather finding a strategy that supports political pluralism and democracy. LINK