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Samson: America blocks 27 websites “controlled by the Revolutionary Guards”

5th November, 2020

The US Department of Justice said that it has blocked 27 websites belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard that it uses in order to influence the minds of the American masses and expand its influence, in addition to spreading false and anti-US, Saudi and Israeli content.

The Iranian opposition Radio Farda website stated, on Thursday, in a report, that “the US Department of Justice, in coordination with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), blocked 27 electronic domains run by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to influence the minds of the American masses in the presidential elections.” “The sites were trying to reach an American audience, although some were entirely in Arabic or covered in Middle Eastern news,” the statement said.

The US Department added that some of these sites contain contents hostile to America, Saudi Arabia and Israel, in line with Iran’s foreign policy, noting that “some of these sites have collected the contents of other sites and published them in their name.”

The US Department of Justice said that it was able to block websites because they were purchased from domain registrars located in the United States, indicating that “the 27 sites violated US sanctions against the Iranian government and the Revolutionary Guards, and that 4 of these sites operate as prestigious news sites, but the Revolutionary Guard used them. Originally to influence American public opinion and politics”.

For his part, Craig Ver, Special Agent of the FBI, said in a statement: “Thanks to our continuous cooperation with Google, Facebook and Twitter, the FBI has been able to disrupt the Iranian government’s campaign and propaganda machine, and we will continue to oppose any attempt by foreign parties to spread false information in Our country”.

On 17 October, the US Department of Justice announced that it had seized 92 Internet domains used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, adding that “the campaign on websites linked to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard was part of the US government’s efforts to combat the spread of false information about the US elections before. foreign countries”. The United States continues to count the presidential elections.   LINK

Samson:  Barham Salih emphasizes four things that precede the vote: Electoral corruption is a dangerous scourge

5th November 2020
The President of the Republic, Barham Salih stressed, on Thursday, the necessity to fulfill the requirements for holding early elections, usually what he called “electoral corruption a serious scourge.”

During his approval of the Parliamentary Elections Law, according to a statement from his office received by Shafaq News Agency, Saleh said, “These requirements include the foundations of integrity and justice in its various stages, including biometric registration, and effective and serious coordination between the Elections Commission and the United Nations for monitoring and supervision in order to achieve this.”

He added that “electoral corruption is a serious scourge that threatens societal peace and economic safety, and the way must be cut off in front of this scourge,” pointing out that “the appeals and doubts witnessed by previous electoral processes were a major reason for citizens’ reluctance to vote, and undermined citizens’ confidence in their legitimacy.” The existing system and the entire electoral process.”

Saleh stressed “the need to empower a new political generation to take upon itself to complete the desired reform project, in fulfillment of the blood that has been shed in the way of reform and change.”

The president referred to his “approval of the reservations recorded on the law voted on in the House of Representatives,” explaining that “it does not represent everything we aspire to, but at the same time, it represents a development for the better and a fundamental building block towards the path of reform, and affirms the consideration of the people as the main source of legitimacy of government. Up to the free will of the Iraqis, in the rule of a rational servant of them.”   LINK