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Samson: Khalati: Parliament will require the government to submit a reform paper for 2021

8th November, 2020

MP Hassan Khati said that Parliament will require the government to present a reform paper during the year 2021 to reform the economy

He added that the amount required from the Iraqi government is very large, amounting to 41 trillion dinars, and it is difficult to pass this amount

He confirmed that Parliament would support the government with salaries   LINK

DeepWoodz:  Imo…let’s not forget, I believe it was Allawi said even if you don’t pass the borrowing law, within 2 weeks we are going to pay salaries anyway.

OlLar:  Steve Bannon video about the software to transfer votes…This is insane!!!


Samson:  Expert: Internal Or External Borrowing Is A Shackling Of Iraq, Regardless Of The Size Of The Sums

8th November, 2020

The economic expert, Abdul-Hassan Al-Shammari, affirmed: “Internal or external borrowing … tying Iraq up with large debts, regardless of the amount.”

“The government has enacted a new method of providing funds through internal and external borrowing twice within one year, and this is a negative case for the financial administration in the country,” he said in a press statement published by the Independent.

Al-Shammari added: “The country is rich with resources, if invested properly, it will generate huge sums of money for the public treasury to pay salaries and establish projects,” considering corruption and the lack of a sound financial and economic plan that brought the situation to this situation.

The House of Representatives ended yesterday the second reading of the borrowing law submitted by the government in the hope of voting on it this week in order to release the salaries of employees, the delay of which is a non-positive situation that did not go through Iraq during its long history.  LINK