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Samson: Parliamentary Finance: The monthly salaries of employees and retirees amount to 3.3 trillion dinars

8th November, 2020

A member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmed Haji, announced that next Thursday, a second borrowing law will be passed to cover the salaries of employees

Hajji said, in a tweet to him on Twitter, “Today, the government’s financial statements were discussed in order to pass the deficit financing law, and the first paragraph agreed upon by all is the salaries of employees and retirees, which amount to 3.3 trillion dinars per month

He added that the total salaries will be 10 trillion dinars, so the law will be approved next Thursday, and the government has no excuse not to pay the salary   LINK

Samson:  Source: Finance issues a strongly worded directive to banks regarding salaries

11/09/2020 14:10:08

The Ministry of Finance sent strongly worded notifications to government banks, warning employees not to sit-in to demand their salaries.

A banking official said, “The Ministry of Finance has directed the general departments of banks to submit a report to the ministry with the names of all employees who resort to sit-ins or protest to demand the delayed monthly salaries.”

He stated that “the Ministry of Finance considered the sit-in during the official working hours as economic sabotage and called for providing public administrations and the minister’s office with the names of employees who demonstrate to demand salaries.”

Hundreds of government employees in several governorates began, since yesterday, Sunday, an open-ended strike, to protest the delayed payment of their salaries by the government. The strike is taking place at the initiative of the employees of the various governmental institutions, including health, oil, service and educational institutions.

 Iraq suffers from a severe financial crisis due to the decline in oil prices in global markets, as it is customary for the government to pay employees’ salaries from the 15th to the 25th of each month.

Last month, the government sent a draft domestic borrowing bill worth 41 trillion dinars (about $ 34 billion) to parliament for approval, with the aim of paying employees’ salaries, but severe parliamentary objections to the law. And Iraq, the second largest producer of crude oil in the “OPEC” after Saudi Arabia, has a daily average of 4.6 million barrels in normal conditions, as it depends on this production to provide more than 90 percent of its revenues.   LINK


Samson:  The Kurds reject a “Shiite proposal” to delete Article 140

8th November, 2020
The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc, Vian Sabri, announced on Sunday that the Kurdish representatives rejected a proposal by Shiite blocs to cancel Article 140 of the constitution.

Sabri told Shafaq News, “The constitution amendment committee held its meeting today, Sunday, regarding Article 140 of the constitution, and at the meeting a number of members of the committee from Shiite blocs suggested deleting the article.”

She explained that “the Kurdish deputies rejected the proposal completely, and as a result the meeting was postponed to next Wednesday, and the heads of parliamentary blocs will attend.”

Article 140 provides for the removal of demographic policies conducted by Saddam Hussein’s regime in the disputed areas in favor of the Arabs at the expense of the Kurds, and then counting the population before the last step, which is to hold a referendum whereby the residents determine whether they wish to join the Kurdistan Region or remain under the administration of Baghdad.

The implementation stages of the article were to be completed until the end of 2007, but security and political problems prevented that. The Federal Supreme Court ruled in 2019 that Article 140 of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq remains in effect, confirming that this will continue until its requirements are implemented and the goal of its legislation is achieved.  LINK

Samson:  Al-Kazemi meets tomorrow with the Saudi Crown Prince

11/09/2020 14:22:17

An informed source revealed that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi and Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman will hold a meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, via a closed electronic circuit.

A high-ranking Saudi delegation visited the capital, Baghdad, on Sunday, within the framework of strengthening bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries in various fields. The Saudi delegation, headed by Abdul Rahman Al-Fadhli, the Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture, met Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, as well as Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi.

Al-Kazemi confirmed last August that Saudi Arabia is a true partner for Iraq, and that Iraq is looking forward to building distinguished relations in order to achieve a better future for the two countries. He also stressed that the Gulf states are the “strategic depth” of Iraq.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the delegation’s visit comes within the framework of preparations for the fourth session of the Saudi-Iraqi Coordination Council, as well as a prelude to an upcoming meeting between Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, and Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.  LINK

DeepWoodz:  The Arabs are getting excited for the prosperity that’s coming! Imo


The governor of the Central Bank and his Saudi counterpart are discussing increasing the number of Iraqi banks in the Kingdom  LINK

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Samson:  The Prime Minister of Kurdistan begins a European tour that includes several countries

9th November 2020

The Prime Minister of Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, left the capital, Erbil, on Monday, for a European tour that includes several countries.

The Prime Minister began his European tour at the head of an official delegation, where he will hold a series of meetings with senior European officials in these countries to discuss with them the strengthening of diplomatic relations, in addition to strengthening bilateral ties in other areas, especially in the commercial and economic fields.

The Kurdistan Regional Government seeks to benefit from the experiences, experiences and capabilities of European countries to advance the economic reality, including promoting investment and advancing development in the region.  LINK


Samson:  The Association of Banks is a continuous march in support of economic reform

8th November, 2020

The Iraqi Private Banks Association is a civil society organization that was established in 2004 and organized in its membership most of the private banks, whose number as in 2020 (72) commercial and Islamic banks and branches of Arab and foreign banks operating in Iraq

The association, according to its bylaw, is strictly implemented in partnership and cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq to strive to develop and develop the private banking sector in a way that contributes to supporting the national economy and sustainable development through the development of microfinance projects, rehabilitating young people and creating an appropriate and stimulating environment for entrepreneurship despite the complex conditions and economic crises that have passed In Iraq during the years since the establishment of these banks in 1991 and up to the present time, the difficulties and challenges it faced, especially during the period of ISIS’s occupation of some governorates in 2014, but it was able to develop and catch up with global banking development through the technical and banking developments planned by the Central Bank Al-Iraqi and supervised and adopted by the Association and implemented by the banks with great interaction

Focusing on strict adherence to international standards in accounting, compliance regulations and rules, combating money laundering and terrorist financing and banking risk management

The steps, procedures and activities of the Development Association in cooperation with the Central Bank have contributed to improving the performance efficiency of most banks and the issue of governance and good management was in accordance with the Governance Manual issued by the Central Bank and the fruitful cooperation with the competent international institutions led to the development of clear policies for monitoring banks and companies supporting the banking business, which include maintenance The rights of boards of directors and shareholders, achieving transparency, disclosure and separation of ownership from the executive management

As well as training and qualifying banking human resources, focusing on young people and recent graduates, and training up to 4000 trainees in capacity development training courses in coordination with the Banking Studies Center at the Central Bank, based on the goal of investing in human capital in specialized courses in governance, compliance and international standards in all areas of banking and combating money laundering and terrorist financing, international accounting standards, Islamic banking and financial inclusion

Despite the Corona crisis, the drop in oil prices, the shutdown of the global economy, the slowdown in economic growth in all countries of the world, and the Iraqi economy affected by the above repercussions, the Association continued to daily follow-up of banking activity and the commitment of private banks to the instructions of the Central Bank of Iraq through their contribution to economic activities that have a direct developmental impact on achieving sustainable development

And based on our keenness as a private banking sector that constitutes the first basic link in the economy, the association’s administrative body, its president and its executive management affirms the continuation of its strategy for the next five years to enhance the role of private banks in sustainable development and rehabilitate young people, based on the objectives of reform and strategic development contained in the white paper and trying to address the risks identified In the recent World Bank report on the advancement of the Iraqi economy from a state of fragility  LINK

Samson:  Al-Kazemi advisor: The commission has resumed biometric registration to include all Iraqi voters

11/09/2020 10:46:06

The Prime Minister’s Advisor for Elections Affairs, Hussain Al-Hindawi, considered that President Barham Salih’s approval of the new election law “represents a positive, decisive step towards holding the upcoming elections on time,” stressing that holding early and impartial elections Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi.

Al-Hindawi said in a press statement, “Coordination is progressing at a good pace between the government team to support the elections and the Independent High Electoral Commission, to ensure that the next elections will be held as scheduled on June 6 of next year.” For its mission in Iraq (UNAMI).”

Al-Hindawi praised the holding of several joint meetings with representatives of a number of European Union countries in Baghdad to discuss ways to enhance their countries’ support for the upcoming electoral process in Iraq, praising the great European interest in the success of the upcoming Iraqi elections, pointing to the progress of joint work to establish mechanisms for cooperation with ministries, institutions and departments Governmental problem to support government, as well as UNHCR.

He added, “The commission has already begun work on preparing the systems, procedures and instructions that organize the electoral process, and preparing a schedule of operational tasks and times of sufficient time for the completion of the electoral process as well as the processes of distributing the biometric voter card and resuming the biometric registration for the Iraqi voters to have access to voter data.”

The Prime Minister’s advisor praised the cooperation of several ministries with the commission, including the ministries of communications, planning, sports and youth, as well as the Supreme Judicial Council, stressing the importance of forming a higher committee for media education on early elections that includes directors of media departments in all ministries and state departments, and inviting official media to allocate “Mobilizing electoral programs that take into account political and regional diversity.”


Samson:  The resignation of the Turkish Finance Minister after the collapse of the lira

8th November, 2020
Turkish Finance Minister Berat Al-Bayrak and the Turkish president’s son-in-law submitted his resignation from his post on Sunday, according to what he announced in a statement on his Instagram account.

Al-Bayrak attributed the reason for his resignation to health reasons, according to the statement.  He indicated that he would allocate more time to his family after he submitted his resignation.

Two spokespersons for the ministry confirmed the validity of the account on which the resignation was published, but they could not confirm or deny what was announced, according to the Bloomberg report.

This comes a day after Erdogan, the central bank governor, was dismissed from his post and former Finance Minister Naji Iqbal was appointed in his place, after the Turkish lira’s value fell to a record low.

This comes after the exchange rate of the pound fell to exceed the barrier of 8.5 for the dollar, as the currency lost 30% of its value since the beginning of the year and about 10% in the last two weeks only.