Don961: With a simple step … a “neglected resource” brings to the Iraqi treasury more than 60 billion dinars: “Half a province” saves it and the other half can be exploited!


Yes Iraq – Baghdad

Economist Ihssan Al-Kinani said, on Wednesday, that the government is facing an opportunity that should be seized to remedy the financial crisis, bring about urban development and end the housing crisis, pointing out that a lot of the sums will enter the state treasury in the event of the correct move.

“Iraq contains millions of unused residential lands, as it has been neglected for decades, although it represents a great wealth for the state and an important resource that supplies the treasury with large sums of money,” Al-Kinani said in statements monitored by Yass Iraq.

He added, “Baghdad contains more than 60,000 plots of land in the Karkh side, as well as the case or more than it is in Rusafa, in addition to the Nahrawan lands that are still abandoned for decades.”

And that “this economic resource has not been used properly by the government, and in the event of reviving the lands, it will enter huge sums of money through building permits whose fees start from one million dinars onwards.”

He pointed out that “reviving residential lands eliminates the housing crisis, moves the wheels of stalled factories and factories, eliminates the unemployment crisis and reduces congestion in residential areas.”

And based on the aforementioned, the amount that Iraq is likely to get is more than 60 billion dinars by granting building permits for more than 60,000 housing plots only on the Karkh side of Baghdad. link