Popeye7:  Hey Everyone: , and for what it is worth, the passing of the Borrowing Law is huge in this process…

They obviously are receiving funds from other nations simply because Iraq cannot afford to go into their reserves in order to pay salaries, and expenses to keep their nation afloat…

Something big is coming as the continued list of nations continue to sign economic agreements with Iraq as this week’s news showed, and as Frank, and his team pointed out would happen…


OlLar:  All IMO

Everybody seems to be up in arms about not seeing a rate upon the approval of the BL. (Borrowing Law)  We are mainly looking for the deletion of the zeros, but for those in country they are looking forward to an increase in the value of the currency. The zero deletion doesn’t add any value to the currency going forward, unless they have currency under their mattresses (chunky money) . The deletion of zeros(DZ) only helps facilitate the use of the currency in country.

xxxx was explaining in a past audio that in the USA, the Fed prints money according to the amount of money being borrowed between banks and the private sector. His explanation was far better than this, but for the sake of keeping this short those are the basics.

With that said, IMO , we know Frank said the CBI was testing several different rates, why? IMO, to know how the economy will handle the rate they come out with. They need to be careful to not inject too much currency in the system, so not to shock the economy or too little and not get the job done.

The amount of currency will also be determined by the increase in purchasing power along with how much debt between the banks and the private sector there is, remember they are basically starting over in the injecting of a new currency into the economy.

The only way they can determine where to start would be to have the GOI and Parliament figure out what the debt in the private sector needs to be, enter the Borrowing Law(BL) , then they can figure out the best rate to come out with.

Next they can DZ and then begin the new economy , adding and subtracting currency from the economy to control inflation and yet provide the lubrication (currency printing) to make this potential powerhouse economic machine be a smooth running success.

I will gladly be reeducated by anyone who has a better scenario than this, as I am not an economics mastermind , by any means, like I said, this is in my opinion, take it for what it’s worth.


Buckeyetree:  Iraq is cleaning up corruption and now so is America.

I woke up today around noon after working the late shift into the early morning hours. I heard on the Rush Limbaugh radio program that the President actually won 72.3 Million votes and that the Dominion software had taken away 2.7 million votes nationwide from the President’s totals especially in known republican areas either switching votes to Biden or just disappearing.

There are several news articles regarding this on The Gateway Pundit.  The only way that Biden could win was to extend deadlines. create fake ballots, votes from the dead, and software that deleted votes and / or switched votes to the other contender in this case to Biden. Reportedly, 10,000 dead voted in Michigan. Trump lost 221,000 votes in Pennsylvania.

What is the remedy, the remedy is not to certify votes in states that used the Dominion software especially the battleground states where the President was winning on election night — MI, PA, WI, AZ, NV, GA till a full hand recount and audit is done which is now happening in Georgia.

The recount might even affect the Senate race in Georgia to the benefit of the GOP because whoever voted for Trump likely voted GOP down the ballot. Only a hand recount which machine counts exact number of ballots for Trump and then exact number for Biden can correct the software issue.  Taking out votes by the dead is another issue.

The biggest election theft other than when Chicago delivered fraud votes to Kennedy in 1960 was about to happen except that there are now many witnesses and math experts and state legislatures and a President who fights for the people who will not let the theft happen.

We are watching a snow ball become an avalanche. There were Google searches regarding punishment for election fraud during the election. If the Feds find the small time operatives, they could be given immunity to find the big entities behind the steal. Could Hillary be among them? No way could Biden have earned as many votes legally. The President did win in a landslide. The fix was in, and it is not over yet.

The reinstatement will be a time for fireworks, but maintaining freedom in the USA to enjoy our material blessing will be even a sweeter celebration because freedom is priceless. God will bless America as we stand as a pro-life country and for Israel under the most pro-life President ever. Praying that justice will prevail. Sweet revenge for Justice Thomas in a just way at the Supreme Court. Thanks Frank for those YouTubes.