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Samson: The largest trade agreement in the world is officially signed

15th November, 2020

Today, Sunday, the world witnessed the birth of the largest trade gathering in history, which includes about 15 countries from Asia.
Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Chuan Phuc said that the countries of Asia and the Pacific signed the largest free trade agreement in the world on Sunday in a virtual summit hosted by Hanoi.

“The signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is a concrete measure that shows the determination to cooperate and integrate in the region,” Fok told regional leaders and businessmen at a meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

The so-called “Comprehensive Regional Economic Partnership” agreement covers 2.2 billion people and 29% of global economic output.

The agreement, negotiated since 2013, includes the world’s largest trade agreement with the ten ASEAN member states – Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Brunei – along with Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea which are known as ASEAN partner countries.

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