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Samson: Parliamentary Finance: We need a high price of $ 60 a barrel to cover the 2021 salary deficit

14:36 – 11/17/2020

The Parliamentary Finance Committee called, on Tuesday, to the Ministry of Oil to approach OPEC to return Iraqi oil exports by one million barrels or leave OPEC, indicating that Iraq needs to raise the price of a barrel of oil to $ 60 to cover the salary deficit.

A member of the Finance Committee, Abdul Hadi Saadawi, said to / the information / that “the current oil price is not equivalent to covering the salaries of employees in the 2021 budget, which requires a serious pause to reform the economy or enhance non-oil imports.”

He added that “the price of oil needs to rise to $ 60 to cover only the salary deficit in the 2021 budget, in the event that reliance on oil remains only, excluding other expenditures.”