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Don961: The closing statement of the G20 summit affirms the commitment of its leaders to lead the world into an era of strength and sustainability

2020-11-22  Yes Iraq – Baghdad

The G20 published a final statement on its remote summit chaired by Saudi Arabia yesterday and today.

The Final Statement of the G20 Summit:

The group’s leaders are committed to leading the world into an era of strength and sustainability

Extending the initiative to suspend debt service payments until next June

Emphasizing the mandate of the United Nations agencies, especially the Health Organization, while studying the need to enhance their effectiveness in coordinating and supporting the global response to the pandemic

The group will spare no effort to ensure that all countries receive Covid-19 vaccines at an affordable price

Determined to continue to use all possible policy tools to protect lives, jobs and incomes, support economic recovery and enhance the resilience of the financial system

We support enhanced IMF support to help address specific challenges facing small developing countries

We have renewed our commitment to ensuring a stronger financial safety net at the core of the International Monetary Fund

Supporting the multilateral trading system is as important now as ever

The group is determined to support developing and least developed countries, and recognizes the special challenges of Africa and developing countries

The group reaffirms its continued political support for the reforms needed for the World Trade Organization

We reiterate the importance of an orderly transition from LIBOR to alternative reference rates before the end of 2021  LINK