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DeepWoodz:  Imo…Raise the rate and everyone will prosper.

Don961:  A strange trick practiced by owners of electronic payment card outlets … Paying employees’ salaries in “dollars” at a value less than the real salary!

2020-12-26  Yes Iraq: Baghdad

 Some owners of electronic payment offices and payroll outlets have begun to “trick” citizens and holders of electronic payment cards in a way that achieves more gains for them by using, especially at a time when the market is witnessing fluctuation and instability regarding the exchange rates between the dollar and the dinar.

A number of employees recorded complaints that the payroll outlets and the “K-Card” card circumvented them by paying them in dollars instead of dinars, and while the salary holder goes to convert the dollar into the Iraqi currency, he finds that his salary has decreased by thousands of dinars due to the exchange rate difference, in addition to Commission deducted from the outlet owner.

One of the employees whom Yass Iraq spotted his complaint, an employee, said that “he went to collect his salary and was surprised after the receipt from the payment machine that the owner of the outlet told him that we only have US dollars and not dinars, so he was forced to receive his salary in dollars. That the exchange rate in the market is lower than the price that the outlet owner calculated.

Thus, the outlet owner succeeded in obtaining two commissions from the exchange, the first is the entitlement and the second is the exchange rate difference, indicating that if the exchange rate in the market is 1400, the outlet owner delivers the salary to the owner with a difference of 2 or 3 thousand dinars, and in this way, manipulation.

It is not possible for the owners of exchange offices who took advantage of this, because on Fridays and Saturdays there are no banks and they do not have Iraqi cash.

This situation continued for days in Mosul Governorate, while the security forces began to move to investigate this situation.  link