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Samson: Parliamentary security comments on the fear of attacking the American embassy tomorrow

2nd January 2021

The Security and Defense Committee of the Iraqi Parliament commented today, Saturday, on fears of attacking the American embassy in the Green Zone in Baghdad during the demonstrations of supporters of armed factions scheduled to start tomorrow, Sunday.

A member of the committee, Deputy Kata Al-Rikabi, told Shafaq News, “There are no fears of attacking the American embassy during the demonstrations of the supporters of the factions on Sunday,” indicating that “the demonstration is to express anger at the assassination of Soleimani and the engineer.”

Al-Rikabi stated that “the large security deployment in the Green Zone and the areas close to it came on the occasion of the first anniversary of the assassination, as well as the approach of the Iraqi Army Day,” noting that “a large celebration was held on this occasion attended by security and military personalities, which requires security precautions for any emergency.”

Demonstrations are scheduled to begin on Sunday (December 3, 2021) in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad.   LINK


Samson:  When does the project to return the stolen funds exceed its theoretical and office framework to public implementation?

31st December, 2020

The Iraqi people are raising their voices loudly about the need to recover the stolen Iraqi money abroad.

It is imperative for all responsible authorities from the prime minister to the president of the republic, and all concerned parties, to recover the lost and stolen money, and we must race against time in that, because this contributes to overcoming this current financial crisis.

The size of the looted and smuggled money, along with the property, is estimated at about 20 billion dollars. Rather, it is with the properties of land, real estate and farms that reach about 500 billion dollars.

The question is: Why were the committees formed to demand the return of Iraq’s money stopped?

It is the duty of the Integrity Commission to judge, public prosecution and recovery in the Commission of Integrity, to coordinate with the relevant countries and to seek and seek the assistance of international expertise to recover rights.

We are well aware that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is fighting the war to pursue the corrupt and recover what they looted. We heard that the Parliamentary Integrity Committee prepared lists to recover the money smuggled out of Iraq before and after 2003.

We also learned that the House of Representatives enacted two laws on this issue, the first of which is the law to recover money smuggled out of the country before 2003 during corruption deals that punctuated the oil-for-food program during the previous regime, as well as money smuggled after the overthrow of the former regime after 2003.

But so far, there are no results or fruits that enhance the citizen’s confidence in the procedures. But if matters remain in circulation and ink on paper, then it is a useless waste of efforts, time and money. LINK


Samson: Kurdistan Regional Government issues an explanation about the holiday on Sunday

2nd January 2021

Kurdistan Regional Government spokesperson, Jotiar Adel, confirmed that all government departments and institutions in the region will start working hours, starting tomorrow, Sunday, 3-1-2021.

The region’s cabinet announced last week that official departments would be suspended for a week, starting from December 27 until January 2021, on the occasion of New Year’s holidays.

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced the day before yesterday, Thursday, about the date of resuming the official working hours in Iraq, after an official suspension of the beginning of the new year. A statement by the secretariat stated, “The start of the official working hours for the new year will be on Monday 1/4/2021.”    LINK