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DeepWoodz: Another day is passing and I will soon say we are one more day closer to success.

But after that statement, one has to ask…..What is Iraq waiting on?

Some will say the budget to be voted on and approved.

Others will say it’s just the way Iraq is.

Still others will simply say as soon as God permits it.

To some extent, I agree with both of the first suggestions. The last is like duh….no kidding. Goes without saying.

NONE of these answers to me, are completely acceptable.

I’m definitely ignorant to the inner workings of a National currency’s re-Instatement, coupled with a re-denomination, as well as a re-valuation. I mean, I think the IDN, or more familiarly known as the IQD, has it all.

1)???Turns out they have now settled ALL BUDGETS. They mentioned for the first time I’ve seen, 2013, & 2014 budgets being cleared up recently. On top of what we already knew about…2018, 2019, and 2020. Now to the 2021.

2)Iraq isn’t the same since Kadhimi and Trump. That settles that.

3) So let me be clear so I don’t get judged incorrectly. God was born ready (figure of speech) so we definitely aren’t waiting on Him.

—They have recently hit the SWEET SPOT on the 000’s, not to mention the other 17+ items that are above our pay grades.

—We know the CBI controls the rate, and now parliament knows it to.

—We know the CoM sat on the budget for at least a couple weeks before passing it to parliament. So to believe parliament is somehow in control of the release date is absurd.

I just don’t know. Anybody have something fresh?

It’s been said before and I didn’t agree but….Do you think we are waiting on Trump?


SCollie:  Well said…for a while now I believe Iraq has been done.  Their is no way it would take this long for anyone to do anything!!

This is bigger than Iraq, this about a new world financial system!!   And I have heard Iraq is the first brick on the wall.

If I was devising a plan I would make sure the first brick, was ready first!  And that I would be waiting for the rest of the bricks.  I have also learned throughout these studies that they are changing from the world SWIFT system to a NEW BLOCKCHAIN payment system using Stablecoins.


Again, this is much larger than just Iraq.   They entire monetary system is getting ready to flip upside down and rolling out a new system.   I can’t imagine them waiting on Iraq….

I feel Iraq is waiting on them!!!     Lets see what happens next….


Godlover:  You have some valid points & questions, to which no one on this forum can honestly know for sure. I will add my theories to your theories.

What is Iraq waiting on? It had been shared by Eddie on cc’s that their stating the white papers are in the 2021 budget. This of course has been something I had been stressing the last half of 2020 because the articles were stating this. We see more & more evidence in this as the days go by. At this point there is no reason to think otherwise.

So again…what is Iraq waiting on? Certainly parliament does play a roll in the release….this should be obvious. Is their delay in voting on the budget orchestrated? Possibly, although, answering can only be theorized. None the less, we await the readings & the vote. I am still of the mindset that after parliament, prior to POR signing…the new rate calculations will be amended. But that of course is just my speculation. I still only wait on the 2021 budget opening & what is exposed then. What’s within a budget, is only usable upon opening.

Funny you mentioned IDN & I am surprised no one else has mentioned it, maybe you or the article got the symbol order mixed up? Just got me to thinking about something that was brought up on the forum here many years ago. NID which was speculated as being the symbol for the “New Iraqi Dinar”. Just thought it was ironically coincidental.

As far as waiting on Trump? I do not think it’s impractical to believe what’s happening in the USA isn’t a potential factor. Not so much Trump, but the seating of our government….whomever it may be.


DeepWoodz:  Imo…So let me run this by you for clarification on the President, as I made this statement privately.

So yea, on the Trump thing. I’m not really thinking Trump would be holding it up for any selfish reasons. More along the lines of this….to prevent the wrong hands from benefitting somehow. Maybe until all the electronic countermeasures for transparency are complete? To make sure everything is traceable.

Its a stretch, but if I were an influencer to Kadhimi, you know, if he was my associate, I would want to know where every new dinar in the Middle East was headed. Got to be a whole lot of bad guys holding.

Still hoping Trump really is the chess player that’s been hinted at. If so, check mate will be on the 20th and I will be happy. With or without the blessing. Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather have it than not, and I believe it’s coming, but sometimes humans get it twisted and I’m no exception.

Solorat:  I may be way off base on this. But maybe they have been controlled by sanctions and Iran & the U.S. for so long. They are a bit scared to take the final foot steps to be in control of their own destiny.

DeepWoodz:  Imo…that’s a solid point! Change is hard sometimes, especially mentally.
I think you have to look at all the real work they have put in the last year or two. MASSIVE. Even Kadhimi called it a Caesarean section of reforms…which is exactly what you are eluding to!

Samson:  Upcoming meetings to discuss the recovery of the smuggled money outside the country

13th January, 2021

The Parliamentary Integrity Committee revealed, on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, an upcoming meeting with the Integrity Commission to discuss the file of recovering money smuggled outside the country.

The head of the committee, Thabet Abbas, said in a statement, “The Parliamentary Integrity Committee has a workshop to recover funds smuggled abroad in cooperation with the Funds Recovery Department at the Integrity Commission.” He added, “A meeting will soon be held between the Integrity Commission and the Parliamentary Integrity Committee regarding the recovery of money smuggled outside the country.”

The Parliamentary Integrity Committee had estimated earlier, the volume of money smuggled outside Iraq amounting to 350 trillion dinars, indicating that the money spent in previous years in fake contracts amounted to about a thousand trillion dinars.

A member of the committee, Taha Al-Defense, said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “the government formed a committee to combat corruption, and this committee worked during the first days clearly and significantly, but it retreated during the recent period due to political pressures,” expressing, “I hope that its work will continue And the investigation of the most important files of corruption in some ministries. ”

He added, “The money spent after the year 2003 is estimated at a thousand trillion, and it includes the budgets of the operational and investment ministries, as huge funds were wasted in contracting cases, as well as the corruption that was rampant in most of the contracts contracted by the ministries and provinces.”

He continued, “We did not touch any clear project that was completed in Baghdad or the provinces, and most of the projects were referred to impeccable companies, and they were dealt with according to the worst commissions, so the works were not completed, and the money was spent on simple projects, and we did not see strategic projects such as main roads and fast bridges.”  LINK


Samson:  Officially, America announces the reduction of its forces  in Iraq

01/15/2021 17:24:56

The American Acting Secretary of Defense announced that the number of American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan has decreased to 2,500 in implementation of Trump’s order.

The outgoing US President Donald Trump announced that the number of US forces in Syria and Iraq was the lowest in years. “The number of American forces in Afghanistan is the lowest in 19 years, stressing his commitment to ending the long wars,” Trump said in a White House statement issued Thursday evening about some of the president’s military achievements.

On February 29, the Trump administration signed a historic agreement with the “Taliban” movement that provided for the withdrawal of all American forces from Afghanistan by mid-2021 at the latest, in exchange for security commitments from the movement and its engagement in direct peace negotiations with the Kabul government. In September, the number of US forces in Afghanistan reached 8,600, but the Pentagon indicated at the time that it was preparing for a new phase of withdrawal. In the same statement, Trump added: He said that $ 2.5 trillion had been invested, including all new equipment made in the United States.

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced, in his speech on the occasion of the centenary of the establishment of the Iraqi army, “the withdrawal of batches of American forces within technical times during the past months, and the withdrawal of more than half of those forces will be completed in the coming days.”

He added, “Only hundreds of them will remain, for cooperation in the fields of training, rehabilitation, armament and technical support, and their redeployment outside Iraq is being scheduled entirely within agreements between the two countries.”  LINK