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Don961: Reducing Exchange Rates in Iraq: Timing and Implications   LINK

Solorat:  This sounds like a good thing In some of this. And in other it’s a little out of my understanding of this. Can someone clarify this it would be appreciated. I am just a alarm technician not a economic analysis.

David:  They say that the reduction was to Finance huge deficit in 2021, but also say the timing was inappropriate due to the corona virus and what have you..

Saying they cant adapt and continue it with the way it is due to the fragility of the Iraqi economy…really?! Let me spell it out for them….C H A N G E. T H E. R A T E.

Double edged sword….they’re financially suffocating the citizens, and promising them relief at the same time…Broken promises do not lead to a stable future…K, said we either move forward or watch this whole thing collapse…huge…IMF is satisfied…tally is done…introduce the notes and wrap this up! All imo

ZOsmosis:  Do we think Iraq has had a specific date in mind all of these years to get this done or have they just been taking it a day at a time?

David:  Imo, the date or the when is not as important as the rate…they can change it whenever they feel it is necessary.The date makes me no difference…now the rate is what’s important! Imo

Samson:  The Iraqi Oil Minister expects the price of a barrel of oil to rise to $ 60

16th January, 2021

The Iraqi Oil Minister, Ihssan Abdul-Jabbar said on Saturday that the price of a barrel of oil could reach $ 60 in the second quarter of 2021.

“The average selling price of a barrel of Iraqi oil now exceeds $ 53,” Abdul-Jabbar said in statements reported by government media today.

Iraq is under great pressure under the weight of the worst economic crisis it has witnessed since 2003 until now due to the low oil prices and the outbreak of the Corona virus.  LINK