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Samson: Expert: Iraq Is Facing A Big Problem Due To The Lack Of Real Economic Pillars

21st January, 2021
Economic specialist Jamal Shaker emphasized that Iraq is facing a big problem due to the lack of real economic pillars through which to activate the economic aspect in the country.

Shaker said in a press statement that the independent affiliate, that the central bank’s decision to raise the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar to solve the economic crisis has cast a shadow over the citizen and created a contraction in the commercial market as a result of the lack of financial policy. Pointing out that the reform paper released by the Iraqi government does not correspond to the mafias of corruption, which has become the main artery exhausting Iraq.

He added that the country will enter into more complex economic crises due to the absence of an economic policy that would advance the vital sectors that are important to building economic strength in the country.   LINK