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Ross: I always thought the CBI would be first to reveal the rate change and not the GOI.  IM hopeful maybe the process/notice has already started and the last day of January will be the great reveal. Just dreaming again. Great opportunity for Iraq to not kick the can again.  If you are hanging on by just a thread like me then this would be an opportune time to fast and pray IMO.

Briscom:  IMO, it maybe a good idea for us all to keep peeking at the overseas markets Sunday evening into early Monday morning.

Samson:  Deputy: Voting on the 2021 budget next week … 80% of its chapters will be deducted

12:20 – 29/01/2021

MP Mudhar Al-Karawi expected, on Friday, to vote on the 2021 budget next week.

“The 2021 budget has reached good stages after the resolution of more than 80% of its important chapters by the Parliamentary Finance Committee, and it is expected that it will be presented to the House of Representatives for a vote next week,” Al-Karawi said.

Al-Karawi added, “The most complex problem that has not yet been resolved is the file of the Kurdistan region’s entitlements in light of the variation in the narration regarding its treatment, but the meetings are continuing and we hope to reach solutions that lead to the budget move to the voting stage.”

He pointed out that “fundamental changes have been placed in the budget, the most important of which is to reduce public government spending and conduct transfers of funds between doors.”

The Parliamentary Finance Committee has been holding discussions for two weeks to complete the chapters of the budget before it is presented to the House of Representatives for a vote. LINK

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Samson:  In the Kirkuk oil sector … fraud seized at a value of one billion dinars per month

28th January, 2021

On Thursday, the Investigation Department of the Integrity Commission revealed that officials in the North Oil Company have been arrested; For having tampered with official reports; In order to spend more than one billion dinars a month, in violation of the law.

The department confirmed that the Kirkuk investigation office team had seized (the head of the protection contractors division and the officer of the abuse unit) in the North Oil Company For their fraud in the reports of visiting the sites of contractors protecting pipelines and oil wells; In order to spend illegal sums of money.

The department indicated in a statement to the Integrity Commission, received by Shafaq News, that the company has concluded contracts with more than (4000) people in the name of the protection contractors. For the purpose of protecting the pipes, in return for sums amounting to more than (1,200,000,000) billion dinars, which are disbursed to them monthly.  

In a separate process, the office’s work team, which moved to the General Directorate for Kirkuk Education, was able to set the priorities for a draft contract concluded by the Directorate with the General Company for Cars and Machinery Trading, indicating the existence of suspicions of corruption represented by following the direct procurement method, and not preparing a study according to actual need, according to Statement.

He said, “The team, in a third process, set the priorities for the Internet service supply contract concluded between the Presidency of Kirkuk University with a private office, on suspicion of violating the instructions of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers which stipulated that government departments contract with the Ministry of Communications in the matter of equipping the Internet service.”

The department clarified the organization of official records of the operations that were carried out according to judicial arrest warrants, and they were presented, together with the accused, to the judge of the Kirkuk Investigation Court, which is competent to hear integrity cases. Who decided to arrest one of the accused in the first operation, and to issue an arrest warrant and investigation against the second accused, in accordance with the provisions of Article (340) of the Penal Code.  LINK