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Godlover: IMO The articles for months had stated their intentions as far as the white paper in the 2021 budget. As well according to CC’s the country is having liquidity problems because of the higher exchange rate & the drawing in of the larger notes.

I would think the only way to solve the liquidity problem would be to distribute the NSCN’s.(Lower Denoms)

After all, even with an opened budget, wouldn’t they still be in the same situation? And they certainly cannot release the NSCN’s without a rate change.

Furthermore, I still stand with the idea that whatever a budget is opened at, that will be the rate the rest of the year imo. Voting on the budget & before opening budget makes sense.

Opening a budget & using it, only to then down the line, amending does not make sense to me imo. Plus, why even bother with the NSCN education if it was still down the road?

Ryan1216:   “IMO” I fully agree. When the 2021 budget is voted on and opened if it doesn’t expose the new rate we can forget it for the rest of this year. It makes 0 zero sense to wait and change. Firefly Eddie did say Parliament recently told the Iraqi citizens that the new rate was being put into the budget. Please no one take my opinion as being A downer but how many times has Iraq told us the great things the 2021 budget contains along with what they’re trying to accomplish. Let’s see what Monday brings hopefully we’re all on the other side at that time. Blessings everyone.