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DeepWoodz:  Remember Tuesday was supposed to be the last day for parliamentary talks and Wednesday was to be the start of their break??? Guess what, they are still meeting over the budget.

Looks like all banks are making it much easier for the citizens to get loans. Why would they do this?  Because they know there will be a much higher rate of success in paying them back.

Add Polish companies to the list of dates for the prom.

Kadhimi makes a great speech laying the blame for the economic crises directly on Iran. Then finishes with this…

“The political crises in the world all come from problems in the elections, so we must all cooperate to make the elections successful.”

No doubt he is a patriot for his people and an ally to President Trump.

After reading the articles, doesn’t look like salaries have been paid out yet but sounds close. Does it need the new budget to do so? I don’t know. With deductions in place I don’t see why they won’t pay but do appear to be stalling for some reason.  How does the rider work? Don’t know.

There are a couple articles stating that parliament doesn’t have authority to do some of the things they would like to do. As always they are troublemakers. Once this budget is done, all attention will shift to the new elections. Their time is short.

Article 79 makes this comment….

The source pointed out that the next 48 hours will be “crucial for the Finance Committee to do justice to this segment and add them to the budget law.”

Could this be their final deadline on finishing their budget talks??? Maybe!

Article 89 is by a BOZO but does say this…

“noting that “holding the next session is linked to the Finance Committee’s end of discussing the budget law and the law’s readiness to vote.” 

I don’t believe it matters what these people do. I think politically they will extend for whatever time they need to LOOK LIKE they are in charge of something, but in truth they are not in control. We learned from earlier articles there is a timetable for the reforms. From article 79 there appears to be 48 hours left for them to give the appearance that they are still relevant.