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Samson: The Association of Private Banks holds a workshop on digital transformation in Iraq

4th February, 2021

The Iraqi Private Banks Association, in cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq, today, Thursday, held a workshop entitled (Qualification Program for Digital Transformation Leaders in Iraq), in the Kirkuk University building

The course included providing a detailed explanation on the Coursera global platform and the support provided by the Central Bank of Iraq to provide free scholarships to outstanding university students to develop their skills

The workshop witnessed a detailed explanation of the Central Bank’s initiative to support small and medium enterprises through the One Trillion Initiative, as well as community initiatives supported by the Tamkeen Fund financed by private banks   LINK

Samson:  Davos summit 2021 postponed

02/03/2021 19:17:21

The Davos Summit 2021 in Singapore has been postponed to August.

The organizing country postponed the summit due to the Corona virus.  LINK

ATPinfinity:  The Globalist Are Forced to Cancel, World Global Economic Domination RESET, Using THEIR FAKE PLANDEMIC As Cover!  HOPE THE LORD HAS THAT TRUMP CARD READY BEFORE AUGUST!


Samson:  Al-Maamouri: Smuggling has exhausted the local economy

10:15 – 02/03/2021

Member of Parliament, Burhan Al-Mamouri, said on Wednesday that the continuation of smuggling has exhausted the local economy, calling on the security forces to tighten their grip on the ports and the border strip.

Al-Mamouri said in a statement that the information received, a copy of it, that “the illegal entry and exit of goods into the country are still taking place in full swing,” indicating that “the measures taken by the Prime Minister to control the border crossings did not live up to the level of ambition.” He added, “Suspicions of corruption in the border outlets are among the largest files on which no necessary measures have been taken,” calling on the Supreme Committee to Combat Corruption to “give the border file utmost importance to curb smuggling operations.”

Al-Mamouri added, “The continued smuggling of goods and products, especially consumer goods, is a major reason for the local economy’s exhaustion, warning of its dangerous repercussions on the decline of the private sector and the increase in unemployment and poverty rates.” Al-Mamouri stressed the need to take strict measures against smugglers and their collaborators, calling on the leadership of the joint forces and the leadership of the border guards to “close all unofficial crossings and tighten their grip on the crossings and the border strip.”   LINK


Samson:  Kuwait … Liquidity is running out

16:55 – 02/03/2021

Kuwaiti Minister of Finance, Khalifa Musaed Hamada, confirmed that Kuwait’s financial position is “strong and solid” because it is fully supported by the Future Generations Reserve Fund, but he warned of the imminent running out of liquidity in the state treasury.

Commenting on the decision of Fitch Agency to reduce the outlook for Kuwait to “negative” from “stable”, Hamada said today, Wednesday, in a press release, that the state’s public finances suffers from structural imbalances related to annual revenues and expenditures that “led to the near depletion of liquidity in the state treasury” represented by a fund General reserve.

The minister added that one of the top priorities of the executive authority in the coming stage is to “enhance the liquidity of the treasury, and we stress, as we previously emphasized, the need for concerted efforts by all parties and to work as one team to achieve the sustainability of public finances.”

Prior to that, the “Fitch” credit rating agency said it had lowered the outlook for rating Kuwait’s sovereign debt to “negative” from “stable”, adding that it expected near-term liquidity risks associated with the state treasury fund.

Fitch, which confirmed Kuwait’s long-term rating at “AA”, added that the change in the outlook indicates near-term liquidity risks associated with the impending depletion of liquid assets in the General Reserve Fund in the absence of a parliamentary authorization for the government to borrow.   LINK

Samson:  The Arab country that bought the most gold in 2020

18:18 – 02/03/2021

The World Gold Council published a report in which it revealed the changes that occurred in the official global gold reserves in past years, and the report showed the quantities of gold that some Arab countries bought in 2020.

The report indicated that the UAE bought 23.9 tons of the precious metal during the past year, and according to the Council’s data, the UAE’s reserves in January reached 46.4 tons. Thus, the UAE has topped the Arab countries in buying gold in 2020, a year that witnessed a great demand for yellow resonant as a safe haven in times of crisis.

It is noteworthy that the UAE ranks 50th in the world with gold reserves, which constitute 2.7% of its total international reserves. The report also showed that Qatar bought 14.5 tons of gold last year, and its gold reserves last month reached 56.7 tons.

Qatar’s gold reserves accounted for 7.9% of the total reserves, which include foreign cash, certificates of deposit and securities. The UAE and Qatar were not the only two Arab countries that bought gold during the past world, as the data showed that Egypt bought gold by 0.7 tons, and Tunisia by 0.1 tons.

Regarding the ranking of Arab countries, in terms of gold reserves, Saudi Arabia tops the Arab countries in this index, as it owns 323.1 tons, and gold reserves constitute 3.9% of the Kingdom’s total reserves. Saudi Arabia ranks 18th in the world in yellow metal reserves, ahead of countries such as Australia and Belgium.  LINK


Samson:  Al-Halbousi announces the continuation of the Council’s work until the budget is approved

The Speaker of Parliament, Muhammad Al-Halbousi, announced today, Thursday, that the Council will continue its work until the approval of the draft federal budget bill for the fiscal year 2021.  LINK


Samson :  Al-Halbousi: Parliament’s work will continue until the budget is approved

Al-Halbousi said in a statement that Mawazine News received a copy of, that “the parliament’s work continues until the draft federal budget bill for the fiscal year 2021 is approved.”  LINK

Godlover:  Many are always calling parliament “bozos”….although I agree that their ethics & morals seem to lacking, the truth is they still are needed to pass laws currently. One good thing is it appears they are continuing & not going on break until they get the budget passed. Watch the budget………

Edna:  Agreed IMO, for year’s it’s been said “Parliament doesn’t matter”, but in their present form, bet we not getting our money without them…IMO.