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Samson: Al-Hakim: Oil prices may reach $ 100 in the coming months

08:42 – 10/02/2021

On Wednesday, former Foreign Minister Muhammad Ali al-Hakim suggested that oil prices would rise to $100 in the coming months, while he wondered about the government’s existence of a clear development plan with agriculture and local industry as the basis.

Al-Hakim said in a tweet on his page on the social networking site, which was seen by the information, that “oil prices are on the rise and may reach $ 100 a barrel during the next 18 months.”

Al-Hakim asked, “Does our government have a clear development plan in which agriculture and local industry are the basis for supporting the private sector and certificate holders in establishing small companies instead of doubling the size of the state and giving contractors projects that were not implemented as before?”    LINK

Venustwo2:  I was reading something today that says the Central of Iraq announced on Monday the launch of BUNA platform. It states that work in underway to adopt the Iraqi dinar in the system for the next stage. Now, that is exciting news IMO.