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Dotalktome: Are we waiting for global cashless society to all go in one fell swoop along with IQD/VND ???   Something I have been wondering about

MilitiaMan:  With the USA SWIFT / China JV (joint Venture) System, BUNA (digital platform for international currency and foreign currencies inclusive of the USD), the AMF being interconnected with IMF SDR basket, I would like to think so.. There is talk of the VND going to a digitized venue, as well. imo. We shall see. It makes sense to go live all at once.. imo.. ~ MM

Samson:  Tomorrow .. the launch of the services of the national Internet project in Iraq

02/14/2021 11:52:54

The services of the National Internet Project will actually be launched in Iraq on Monday.

The project’s media invited the media to attend the press conference at the Babylon Hotel in Baghdad to announce the actual launch of its services.

Specialists say that “the project will help provide stable internet capacities for the Iraqi citizen, as it guarantees the largest network of infrastructure in the Middle East as well as providing thousands of job opportunities, in addition to that Iraq will, through this project – for the first time – pass the Internet capacity for regional countries.” 

They indicated that “the national project for the Internet will also provide an infrastructure for the e-government project as well as economic benefits for the country.”   LINK


Samson:  In half a year, Iran’s trade balance exceeds $ 30 billion

12:31 – 14/02/2021
The indicators of the Central Bank of Iran and the foreign trade follow-ups showed that the trade balance was recorded at 30.349 billion dollars in the first half of the current fiscal year from 20 March to 20 September 2020.

The results of reading the indicators published today, Sunday, confirmed that exports of non-oil commodities recorded 13.5 One billion dollars and imports exceeded 16.7 billion dollars during the mentioned period.

It indicated that the volume of foreign trade reached 62.842 million tons.   LINK


Samson:  Iraq’s ambassador to the Vatican: Pope and Sistani will sign a document “human brotherhood”

09:30 – 02/14/2021
The Iraqi ambassador to the Vatican, Rahman al-Amiri, confirmed, on Sunday, that Pope Francis’s upcoming visit to Iraq is a message of peace to the world. All components.

Al-Amiri said in an interview followed by the information, that “the big message contained in the Pope’s visit to Iraq is to support ways of interfaith dialogue, as the Pope wishes to promote dialogue and coexistence among all religious components, whether between churches or through Islamic-Christian relations”.

He added, “Pope Francis will hold a special meeting with the supreme religious authority, Ali al-Sistani, to discuss issues of limiting extremism, rejecting hatred, spreading peace values, and supporting the residents of the liberated areas due to the difficulties they faced, especially the residents of the Nineveh Plain, Mosul and the neighboring cities, who were displaced in the wake of terrorist acts. Carried out by ISIS gangs at that time”.

And on the advancement of political consultation in Iraq, he indicated that “Pope Francis will send a message to seek paths of peace, dialogue, brotherhood and constructive cooperation between the various politicians in Iraq in order to rebuild confidence and restore the spirit of hope among all Iraqis, especially youth, after years of cruel and bitter wars against Terrorist groups”.

Al-Amiri said, “Pope Francis’ trip will have a great impact on the continuation of the work of the permanent Supreme Committee for Interfaith Dialogue between the Republic of Iraq and the Vatican, and it is an opportunity to encourage political reforms and the stability of the country.”  LINK