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Samson: Parliamentary Finance identifies four obstacles to voting on the budget

7th March, 2021

The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, on Sunday, that there are no taxes in the General Budget Law for 2021 on employees’ salaries, while it indicated obstacles hindering voting on the law.

According to the official agency, the committee’s rapporteur, Ahmed al-Saffar, said, “There are four obstacles hindering the process of voting on the general budget law for the current year.”

He added, “The first obstacle relates to political consensus, and the other relates to the shares of the provinces with regard to the third with job grades, and the fourth relates to the share of the Kurdistan region.”

He pointed out that “what is rumored about including a paragraph in the 2021 budget related to imposing taxes on employees’ salaries is incorrect,” noting that “the Finance Committee deleted this paragraph and there were no taxes or deductions on employees’ salaries in the budget.”

It is noteworthy that Finance Minister Ali Allawi suggested earlier that the House of Representatives put an income tax on all salaries.  LINK


Zeeman:  i have a question.. with the continued bombings and attacks by irian based militia in irag does this change the security amd stability in iraq for the rv?

GodLover:  Here is my opinion….if Iraq had to wait because of Iran’s constant evil, they would be waiting for eternity. With that said, Iran will still be an issue long after Iraq is prospering. Certainly great wealth will give great power & this will enable Iraq to keep Iran at bay.

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