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Samson: Parliamentary proposal to vote on the Federal Court and the budget with “one basket”

17th March, 2021
A parliamentary source said, on Wednesday, that there is a political proposal to vote on the Federal Court laws and the budget in one basket.

The source said to Shafaq News Agency, that “there is a proposal among some political blocs that the vote on the Federal Court and the budget be in one basket, provided that the political blocs offer their concessions in exchange for voting on the two laws at tomorrow’s session, Thursday.”

The source pointed out that “the Shiite blocs have no objection to voting on the region’s share of the budget, as stated in the government text that the Kurdish blocs give up on the unanimous voting clause in the Federal Court Law.”

The Federal Supreme Court is the highest court in Iraq, which has jurisdiction over constitutional disputes. It was established by Law No. (30) of 2005 in accordance with Article (93) of the Constitution. Its decisions are binding on all authorities, and it is completely independent from the regular judiciary and there is no connection between them. It is based in Baghdad and consists of a president and eight members.

Parliament had voted to amend a number of provisions of the Federal Court Law in effect on Monday, after it was unable to overcome differences over three articles in the new draft law for the Federal Court.

This amendment contravenes the Iraqi constitution, which stipulates in Article 92 / Second: “The Federal Supreme Court consists of a number of judges, experts in Islamic jurisprudence, and legal scholars, whose number is determined, the method of their selection and the work of the court shall be regulated by a law enacted by a two-thirds majority of the members of the House of Representatives.”

Discussions are still going on in the corridors of Parliament to agree on the remaining articles to pass the new bill, in order to remedy the constitutional breach.  LINK

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