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Zain Cash launches a service to invite friends to register the permanent wallet

29th March, 2021

Within the framework of “Zain Cash” strategy aimed at enhancing electronic financial services and in continuation of its pioneering approach in the financial sector and providing distinguished services to its customers, and in order to achieve its goal of expanding the provision of its financial services, Zain Cash launched the service of inviting friends to register a permanent electronic wallet.

Iraq Wallet Company “Zain Cash” launched its electronic wallet for the first time in 2014 through the mobile phone with the aim of developing electronic payment solutions using mobile phones and the Internet. One of its main services is the World Card MasterCard which operates in two currencies, a dinar and a dollar, which provides the possibility of shopping from millions of stores. With the ability to buy online and pay with a “Zain Cash” wallet from dozens of registered stores who provide multiple services and products.

Zain Cash also provides money transfer services, recharging phone balance, obtaining a 15% discount from Careem service, purchasing electronic cards and paying via the QR code, in addition to the ability to pay government bills through the “Zain Cash” application with ease.

As a competitive advantage and an incentive for users to invite their friends to register their permanent wallet, Zain Cash will deposit a percentage of the friends’ financial transactions during the first month of registering their permanent wallet. The CEO of “Zain Cash”, Mr. Yazan Al-Tamimi, confirmed in his comment on the launch of the “Friends Invitation Service”.   LINK

MilitiaMan:  This looks to be more out that supports they are going international. Operating in two currencies is an indicator of just that. Pairing with the dollar is an international action. imo.. Get ready, they are getting ready too.. imo.. ~ MM

“which operates in two currencies, a dinar and a dollar”


“Some Actual Real Info about the RV Process” by Angel of Light – 3.29.21

Entry Submitted by Angel of Light at 4:37 AM EDT on March 29, 2021

Dear community, I’m not an intel guru, nor will I become one. I have been in this for a few years, met most of the intel gurus, Tank, Philip Tilton, Alexander/Yosef (These 3 are with the cabal) Then there is Bruce, and now we also have Nick Fleming.

Bruce and Nick Fleming, I see them as pure entertainment. Why you might ask? Well simply due to the fact that they just share what they hear from sources that share misinformation with sometimes a little bit of truth.

Now here is some info, that might make you have the same or a different look on these intel gurus.

A good friend of mine, he called me crazy, said I was being scammed, would not believe the RV was real at all.Then some other high up people told him it was actually true, and he got deeper involved.He got so involved, he made connections, with kings and queens, presidents, and the biggest whales of the RV.

Meaning he got involved with Tier 1, Tier 2 and many in Tier 3.

He shared a lot of information with me, that they shared with him.

Here is what I found out…..

The entire RV process, only started a few months ago.

This means…all those years ya all been waiting, there was no delays at all.

The process did not even start yet….the rv hadn’t started yet, so for that reason…there never has been a delay at all.

Now there has been 1 delay, with tier 3. Tier 1 and tier 2 got done weeks ago, they were done very fast.
However tier 3, most of them waited for many years, and what caused a delay with them is the fact that for many of them their documents were all outdated. In many cases, it was 20 years out of date, so when they got notified, they had to update all their documents, all their papers, and that took a bit.

Now they are almost done, the phase for tier 4A is already started or about to be started.

One guy that can be followed for information in regarding this situation is ISAAC.
I sometimes get info from my friend, that I run by Isaac to have him confirm or say it is not true.
I trust Isaac, I do not trust any of the other intel gurus, specially not the cabal ones.

The things is sometimes run by Isaac, he does not share that kind of information with his followers in telegram. He does share what matters, and he keeps it short and powerful, without any extra story or nonsense attached to it.  I do respect that.

Now what I can share, is that the process is in full motion, in full process, tier 4B is just gonna have to wait it’s turn, but our turn is coming very very soon.

I am sorry to let you know, you have all been lied too, for so many years. By many different intel gurus, but you all deserve to  know the truth.

Just remember, Love is the key to everything, everything starts within ourselves first.How we choose to respond to the problems we face, the troubles, the waiting, that is on us, and no one else.

Be wise, be smart, love yourself, so you may all share your love with others.
Sharing divine love is worth more then any dollar you can ever give. Never forget this.

Angel of Light


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