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Al-Kazemi to Macron: Iraq is going through balanced relations with partners, far from the politics of axes

04/03/2021 16:07:24

Mr. Al-Kazemi indicated that Iraq is continuing to build balanced cooperation and exchange relations with all international partners, far from the policy of axes and escalation.   LINK

DeepWoodz:  Imo….You gotta love this part! Building exchange relations means exactly what you hope it means!!! TRADE between countries is how you determine an exchange rate!

Frank has taught that the currency needs to build value. Trade with all the many countries we’ve been hearing about is precisely what that consist of. Like Petra mentioned on the last post I saw…..and as Frank has said…..when that date gets here(very soon) they are going to drop them 000’s, issue NSCN’s, and it’s off to the races on the value building adventure!

Samson:  Iraq signs a memorandum of understanding with Switzerland and discusses the fate of its money in its banks

3rd April 2021

Minister of Foreign Affairs Fouad Hussein discussed, on Saturday, with his Swiss counterpart Ignazio Cassis the fate of Iraqi funds frozen in Swiss banks.

In a joint press conference with the Swiss minister in Baghdad, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein said, “We discussed bilateral relations in the fields, and we touched on Iraqi funds frozen in Swiss banks and signed a memorandum of understanding with Switzerland.”

He added, “We discussed immigration issues at the Swiss and European levels and a solution for refugees or asylum seekers was developed, and we touched upon the issue of reopening the Swiss embassy in Baghdad.

For his part, the Swiss Foreign Minister said: This is the first visit of the Swiss foreign minister to Iraq at all, and I will conduct a tour in Lebanon and Jordan have the same goals that support stability. He stressed: We seek to establish correct relations with the aim of restoring stability to the region, and we admire the Pope’s message on Iraq and support the reforms of Iraq.   LINK

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